5 DIY Tips to Infuse Personality into Every Room of the House

Your home should celebrate your uniqueness, regardless of how quirky you may be.




As a homeowner, there comes a time to put into effect the ideas you’ve been harbouring for months to upgrade and refresh your home. When making design choices, one important thing to remember is that even though you decorate to make it visually appealing to everyone; ultimately, it’s still about what appeals to you. Don’t be satisfied with living in cookie-cutter interiors that look like everyone else’s. Your home should celebrate your uniqueness, regardless of how quirky you may be.

Here are simple, cost-effective ways to add character to the different parts of the house:




1. Add interesting features to your outdoors

There are other innovative ways to make the exterior of your home interesting. To make your decor stand out, make the backdrop as clean as possible. If your home is blessed with ample outdoor space, make your personality evident even from the outside. You can do the following tips to infuse your personality outdoors:

● Display your favourite flowering plants at the entrance to your home

● Put practical and stylish outdoor furniture and colourful or patterned cushions on the patio

● Embed small LED lights on the garden pathways to light up and provide safety

● Paint your front door in a bold colour

Before decorating or painting, make sure to pressure wash your house first, to remove grime and long-standing dirt from the walls, driveway, and pathways.







2. Put up a gallery wall

Set up a gallery wall to instill personal vibe in a space. A gallery wall is an assembly of objects on a wall, which you can have in the living room, bedroom, dining room, or in hallways. You can arrange the items in a pattern or at random, and put them inside matching or contrasting frames. There are no hard and fast rules on creating a gallery wall. The whole point, after all, is to highlight your individuality.


Here are some of the things that your gallery wall can include:

● Cherished photos

● Favorite paintings and artwork

● An eye-catching trinket you bought in a flea market abroad,

● A cap signed by your favorite athlete

● An antique plate inherited from grandma







3. Be proud of your hobbies

Showcase your hobby when you style your home. If you love to sketch, frame some of your drawings and hang them in the different rooms around the house. If you’re a collector, place your collectibles on a shelf positioned in a prominent area. Proud of your green thumb? Display the fruits of your labor by adding indoor plants to your design.

It’s easy to get carried away when incorporating your passion in your décor, so be careful not to overdo it. For tasteful design inspiration, you can browse through the photos of this guide to creating the perfect home.




4. Make good use of shelves

Take advantage of open shelves in the kitchen, bathroom, or even bookshelves in the study. These are prime spots to put your personal items on display. Most homes have built-in open shelving, but if yours doesn’t have one, consider building one from scratch with these steps:

● Determine shelving size and design

● Purchase wooden boards and other materials like screws, pins, and paint

● Cut the wood to the required widths and lengths

● Assemble the base box or shelf first

● Before fitting the vertical boards into the frame, drill holes where the supporting pins of the shelves will be inserted.

● Secure the vertical sections of the shelf using appropriate screws

● Insert the pins and put in the horizontal boards to form the shelving units

● Paint and populate your shelf

One big advantage of making your own shelves is that you can cut them to the size you want and customize the colors too. Besides, nothing is more personal than something you made yourself. Once your shelves are done, you can then proceed to fill them up with cherished knick-knacks. Combine colors, shapes, heights, and textures to make your display look interesting.

Pay attention to the arrangement as well, making sure that there is cohesiveness in how you group them. Play it by instinct, and you’ll know when you’ve got it right.




5. Let your decor tell a story

Make use of items that tell a story. These days, it’s convenient to buy home furnishings and accessories from modern big-box stores because they offer well-designed pieces that are also very affordable. However, you’ll likely end up with stuff that is also found in other homes. A sense of history, on the other hand, provides character to your home design. You can achieve this by:

● Using antique furniture

● Accessorizing with vintage items

● Refinishing wood to make it appear old

● Covering the floor with antique rugs

One piece of vintage furniture can easily transform a room’s ambiance especially if you tastefully combine the traditional and the contemporary. Imagine the stunning contrast provided by an ornate gilded mirror in a space where all the furnishings are ultra-modern. Or you can perch a Victorian-era fringe lampshade atop a bedside table made of acrylic.




Don’t let trends dictate your taste

In these times when design inspirations are just a click away, it’s difficult to avoid being a slave to trends. It’s not surprising why most people decorate their homes according to what’s fashionable, paying little mind to their personal style. Your house doesn’t have to be a copycat of someone else’s.

Infuse personality into it by letting every space reflect and celebrate the real you. If you have a mood to express or a story to tell, the best place to say it is from your own home.









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