Easy and affordable remodelling ideas

There are plenty of easy and affordable ways to add stylish touches here and there around the home to update or include modern details.





Everyone who owns a home wants it to be stylish and reflect personality. It's not always within everyone's budget to be able to add new features or take on home improvement projects, but there are plenty of ways to put your creativity and DIY savvy to good use, and transform your home at the same time.



While some of these projects may require that you invest in a few basic power tools and acquire some DIY savvy, most require few tools. The key to any project is to do your research beforehand and plan carefully. Even on a small budget you can transform your home project by project.



Bright ideas






Updating or replacing old fashioned lamp shades or fittings offers and instant makeover for any room in a home, and doesn't need to cost much if you use affordable materials. You will find plenty of ideas on the Internet for simple projects that using string or rope to completely  change a boring lamp shade or light fitting into an eye-catching feature.




All tricked out




Polystyrene and pine moulding and trim is expensive and available at your local Builders. There is a wide variety of styles to choose from and so many ideas to steal to transform your interior rooms into extraordinary spaces. You can use polystyrene or pine moulding and trim to add interest and detail to at very little cost, and working with these materials requires only basic tools, such as a mitre box and backsaw, and a basic knowledge of cutting 45-degree angle corners.



An easy trick to incorporate what looks like layered skirtings is to leave gaps between moulding and trim and paint these areas in the same colour.


Adding trim and moulding to just about anything will make it look more upmarket.




Paint perfect




Put the power of paint and a paintbrush to good use by painting your home in trendy colours, or your personal colour choice. Many homeowners underestimate the power of paint and what it can do to a home. It is so easy to use paint to make a room feel cooler, warmer and more cosy, wider, smaller or even make the ceiling appear higher than it is. And while talking about room height... don't forget that you can also use the ceiling as a fifth wall.




If you have never considered it before, you may be surprised at how a pop of colour on the ceiling can take your interior spaces to new heights. Use a totally matt paint such as Prominent Paints Ultra Matt to eliminate glare and hide imperfections, and then choose a colour that compliments the rest of the decor in the room.




Close the door on boring






Interior doors, front doors, and even closet doors. It is easy to use a few tips and tricks, paint or varnish, to turn a boring door into an eye-catching feature. You will find plenty of tips for painting interior doors and adding trim to plain doors, and plenty more ideas in our Decor section.



Adding mirror panels to built-in cupboard or closet doors completely transforms any room and is especially helpful in a small bedroom as it visually enlarges the space. You can also use mirrors on closet doors in a dark bedroom to bounce and reflect light around the room.




Your local Builders store, most larger stores anyway, can cut mirrors to size and these can then be fitted onto doors using mirror adhesive (neutral-cure or solvent-free), using mirror brackets on the corners, or by fitting a frame around the mirror to secure.


Stand out features




Every room needs a stand out feature as a focal point or to attract attention. In some rooms this can be a fireplace that catches the eye (see feature fireplace), in others an arrangement of wall art (see focal point). Without a feature a room lacks character and personality, so walk into an already decorated room and see what catches your eye first, and if it isn't what you want it to be, look at how you can incorporate something interesting.




Paint is another way to draw the eye into a room when painted with a stencil (see stencil feature wall) or in a bold contrasting colour. You will find plenty of ideas and inspiration in our Decor section, or look for tips and tricks in our Decorating section.