Maximise small living

When living in a small home it can be daunting to know how to make the most of what you have. There are plenty of designer tricks you can use to maximise small space living.


When you are working with small spaces, maximising the space to make the most of what you have or plan to buy is the best way to ensure you decorate a space that is both comfortable and stylish. Nowadays it is trendy to furnish a home with a combination of different styles for rooms that are clean and modern with just a dash of eclecticism. And if you're wondering what that means... now you don't have to stress about placing that hand-me-down sideboard with a modern coffee table - anything goes as long as the pieces share one thing in common!

In most instances a coat or two of paint can immediately refresh a room and inspire you in new directions. For this design project it was 'out' with beige and 'in' with muted hues of blue for the living room and bedroom. You will find plenty of inspiration at your local paint store for your next painting project, and the staff can offer expert advice on the correct paint to use and how to select colours for your home. 

The wall colour works beautifully with both the artwork and soft accessories and perfectly complements the light grey upholstered furniture and silver coffee table.

Metallic accessories with glass or mirrored tops are ideal for small rooms where the finish reflects light and visually appears to take up less space. 



Shop local

You don't have to shop far and wide to find the perfect piece of furniture for your new home. Most of our local home decor stores are well stocked with a variety of options when it comes to what's on trend. We took a quick sampling of furniture and accessories from Mr Price Home to show that you can easily achieve international designer looks on a budget.


Other than swapping out 'warm' fluorescent lamps for ''cool' lamps, the kitchen required little in the way of updating. New accessories and furniture give the room a modern personality without spending a fortune.  If you do need to give the kitchen an update, you will find plenty of ideas and tips in our Kitchen Section.

Small bedrooms can be difficult to decorate, especially when the bed takes up much of the space. Shop for furniture and accessories that give the room an open and airy feeling.

The furniture and basics for this bedroom are mostly in neutral tones, which allows plenty of room to play around with a few colourful accessories to brighten the space. Taking its colour cues from the living space, the bedroom is decorated in calming blue hues with a dose of sunny yellow to add a dash of sunshine.

If you have settled on a particular colour scheme for the room and are unable to find the right accessories at your local home decor store, it's time to put your basic sewing skills to use and make your own cushion covers. If you don't even know how to sew a few basic stitches, rope in a friend to help you out.

A designer tip for visually enlarging any room is to introduce mirrors. Small or large, mirrors can be positioned to bounce light around a room and give the illusion of a larger space.