Add texture and warmth with a rug

When winter hits, concrete or tiled floors are cold underfoot. Add colour, pattern, texture and warmth with a floor rug.

Just like you unpack your chunky sweaters for winter, rugs are perfect for warming up a home when it gets chilly, and placing rugs on cold floors is an energy efficient way to stay warm. A good quality rug not only creates warmth underfoot, it also adds textural warmth and can be used to add colour and pattern to a plain room.

Up until recently, we have been limited in choice when it comes to rugs. Browsing the Internet and sites such as Pinterest has created a want for rugs that offer modern design in keeping with global trends. Now there are several retailers that offer rugs in contemporary, modern and more traditional designs.

An area rug is the perfect solution for tiled or concrete floors, keeping your feet warm as you walk around the house. The thicker the rug the better, but even a traditional area rug or two will warm up a room.



In a livingroom you can look at laying several smaller rugs instead of a single, large rug. Or layer rugs for even more textural comfort. However, do look for rugs that won't slide around on the floor, or can be anchored under a sofa or chair.

A bedroom with tiled floors will definitely benefit from the addition of a rug, and this is one room where you can lay down luxury. With minimal foot traffic, you can splurge on a luxurious, soft wool or shag carpet for warmth underfoot. Select an area rug that covers most of a tiled / concrete floor, or select a size that frames the bed.