How to style a coffee table

I receive a lot of enquiries asking for advice on styling a coffee table and bookshelf and thought it might be nice to put together a collection of images for different ways to style a coffee table. While there are those that manage to style a coffee table with little effort there are others that find it difficult to achieve a sense of balance when styling a coffee table to match the room decor.


Styling a coffee table might not seem that important to most people, but when you are decorating a room and want to make a perfect, a messy or mismatched coffee table can make all the difference.

As a feature in any lounge or living room you want a coffee table that not only looks good but also complements what is already in the room. A coffee table also needs to be practical and provide storage for when you want to relax in the space, or when you have family and friends around.

ABOVE: This eclectic living room incorporates modern and vintage design elements. This is reflected on the coffee table with a selection of contemporary design books and a collection of more traditional glassware. The roses add texture and colour to the coffee table.

Whether you prefer to put your flair for design on display, show off a few favourite accessories, or have a place to put the TV remote, a coffee table takes centre stage in any room and deserves a bit of attention. You will obviously choose accessories for the table that match the style of your home, but other than that feel free to have a bit of fun.



If your coffee table is looking more like a piece of furniture that should be in the garage rather than on display, you can easily give it a quick and easy makeover with a coat or two of paint.

One thing that nice about having stores like Mr Price Home is that you can shop for really affordable accessories to dress up a coffee table. Take home a varied collection that catches your eye and try them out. If they don't work you can always take them back and try something else.

ABOVE: This modern sofa doesn't compete for attention with the wood furniture, but rather brightens the room. The grey colour in the cushion is mirrored on the coffee table with the additional mercury glass accessories.

ABOVE: Use a coffee table to tie together colours used in the room, or even to introduce colours from an adjoining or open plan space to create a cohesive flow when more than one colour is used - or infuse bold, bright colour into the room and let your coffee table shine as a centrepiece.

When styling a coffee table, add a few select accessories and then stand back. You will have a better perspective of how the table looks from a distance and whether or not the pieces complement the setting, overfill the table,  or stand out like a sore thumb!