Living Room that's also a Bedroom

When you live in a studio apartment or small townhouse you need to set up a living space that also serves as a bedroom, or have a comfortable bed for when family or friends sleepover.


Whether it's a guest bed when family or friends need to sleepover or a place to sleep in a studio apartment or one-room townhouse, there are times when you need a comfortable place to sleep that fits nicely into the living room. Investing in the right type of furniture makes all the difference when you need to live in an open-plan space.






A Sofa that's also a Bed

There are plenty of options out there for sofa beds or a couch that easily transforms into a bed. The main problem with many of these options is that they don't always look that great and many are not comfortable to sleep on. You have to keep in mind that sofa or sleeper beds are designed for occasional use, so they aren't going to provide much in the way of support and comfort.


When shopping for a sofa bed, try to choose an option that offers a decent solution for a mattress and not just a thin piece of foam that will have you tossing and turning all night. You will also want to select a sleeper bed that is easy to set up in a few steps.

Sectional Furniture is Great

Sectional furniture is not only great for seating in your living room but there are designs out there that are comfortable enough and of a modular design that let you easily manoeuver them into position as a bed. - 857865429004979742/

Using sectional furniture for seating and sleeping is a great way to have dual-purpose furniture that doesn't take up any extra space.






Make your own Sofa Bed

Even better than sectional furniture is the option to make your own sofa bed or furniture that easily transforms into a comfortable guest bed. Now, you might think that this option would be a rather difficult project. But in fact, it's the opposite.

Making your own sofa bed only requires that you have access to a sewing machine and basic sewing skills. The most important element for making your own sofa bed is what you use for support - or the filling inside the components that make up the sofa bed. - 631066966511455185/

The Peanut B range of furniture shows how easily you can move the modular cubes around and create a unique seating arrangement - or a comfortable sofa bed or guest bed. The secret is to combine medium and high-density foam and add a top layer of latex (memory) foam. By using this as the filling for your cubes, you are actually creating a latex or memory foam mattress that is super-comfy for seating or sleeping.

With the inner components sorted, you can then select the ideal fabric for your living space seating arrangement. You can wrap the foam cubes in bull denim, faux suede or velvet, or your choice of durable upholstery fabric. You can also make as many cubes as you need to fit into your living space for a unique seating solution that won't cost you a fortune. - 441282463484311124/



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