Apartment Decor: DIY Projects That Save Without Skimping Out on Style

Most apartments have rules on decorating but most apartments are also pretty lenient on your decor as long as you put everything back the way it was before you move out.


When it comes to renting, you can sometimes feel restricted with your creative capabilities. Most apartments have rules on decorating but most apartments are also pretty lenient on your decor as long as you put everything back the way it was before you move out.

So with that being said, you’re definitely able to make even the tiniest apartment feel like home with simple decor, but have you went home decor shopping lately? Some of the accessories and furniture pieces on the market now are very cute but ridiculously expensive!

“I Can Do That”

How many times have you went into a furniture store or craft store and saw some pieces and thought “I can do that myself for much cheaper!” I’m pretty sure EVERYONE has said that at least once while out shopping! Well, have you ever thought about actually doing it instead of just saying it?

First Things First…

While it’s great to have that “I can do that” attitude, you need to first find yourself an apartment. This next tidbit of information is for those who are in the market for renting an apartment. If you already have one, then you can skip this section and read the next section.

So, you first need to find an apartment, right? Yes. Putting a roof over your head can be quite expensive so the first thing you should do is look into renting with income-restricted apartments. Rent.com has several options to choose from. They have apartments with all the nice amenities of non-income-restricted apartments but at a more affordable rate. It’s definitely something to consider, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Use Your Free Resources to Get Started

Before you start decorating, one of the things you will need to do is figure out your decor style. There are several decor styles to choose from, you just have to find the one that fits your style. You can peruse through magazines, home decor blogs, and watch home decor shows till you can’t stand it! Whether your style is country, Bohemian, or modern, use the free resources at your fingertips to get inspired!

Let the DIY Projects Begin

Let Another Man’s Trash Be Your Treasure: Thrift Store Shopping

You’ve heard that iconic saying symbolizing that what another person sees as useless or something worth getting rid of (like trash) could be just the thing that someone else needs or has been searching for.

The great thing about thrift store shopping is that you can find a lot of one-of-a-kind gems and make them all your own! You might go to a thrift store and see a lamp set that’s a hideous maroon color but it’s $4. You can buy those two lamps, take them home, buy a couple of cans of spray paint and paint them whatever color you choose to go with your home’s decor!

You can do this DIY money-saving painting projects with lamps, coffee tables, and picture frames. It’s more cost-effective to buy paint than to buy actual furniture pieces from retail stores… thrift stores can give your home that same look and feel, all for a lower price! If you’re not sure how to paint furniture, there are guides and tutorials to help you along the way.

Helpful Paint Color Tips

Whether you choose to paint an accent wall or paint pieces of furniture, it’s important to know that colors have an impact on your mood. Verywellmind.com goes into deep detail on color psychology and it’s the effect on how you feel. So when trying to figure out what colors to paint with, be sure to keep in mind the role of the different colors.

Change the Furniture Layout of Your Rooms

Whether you’re wanting to rearrange your living room or bedroom, the simple act of moving your furniture around can actually change the look of your room dramatically (and it costs you nothing!). Moving your furniture allows you to find a new focal point. Focal points include:

● Fireplace
● Window View
● Accent Wall

Whether you’re moving furniture or getting rid of some furniture, it can open up your room, adding more space. If you think about it, interior designer do this all the time and it can be quite expensive to hire them for that so why not take a shot at doing it yourself!

Make Your Own Home Accessories

This is the time when you can truly let your crafting skills shine brightly. You can go to your local craft store and have a field day. The key here is to not get sucked into the actual craft store’s decor products because if you look at the price of their items, they’re pretty expensive too.

The funny thing is that you can literally go and buy all the supplies to make an exact replica of something they have in the store for a lot less. Some home accessories you can make for your home that’s cheaper than buying retail include:

● Jewelry box
● Throw pillows
● Potpourri
● Canvas Art
● Cross Stitching/Wall Hanging
● Pottery
● Flower Arrangements



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