Layer up against the cold

The chilly mornings and evenings are a precursor for a cold winter ahead, and it's never too early to start planning for ways to warm up a home.

With all the rain that we have been experiencing around the country, chances are we are in for a cold winter. With the high cost of electricity and the possibility of load-shedding, we take a look at how you can warm up any home without even using a single watt of power!

It's amazing how decor alone can make an room feel warmer. In this feature we take a look at how interior designers, Jersey Ice Cream Co, use assorted bold textures in the rooms they design. Expect to see layer upon layer of textures, warm woods and cushions galore.

Layers of rugs not only define the living space, but the varying textures ties together furniture and floor. A mix of shaggy and woven rugs lighten the dark wood floors and create a warm, cosy seating area.

To soften the hard edges and add even more softness underfoot there are woven rugs with tassled edges. Additionally, the neutral colour of the rugs provide a neutral backdrop to provide a contrast with the pale colours of the upholstered furniture in pastel pink and blue.

What's nice about using textured rugs to add warmth during the colder months of the year is that they can be stored during summer months, or put to good use elsewhere in a home. You also have the option to shop around for affordable rugs that won't wreak havoc on your bank account. Stores such as Mr Price Home, Sheet Street, and other home decor stores stock a variety of smaller rugs, and most larger shopping malls have a rug shop or two.



If you enjoy crochet, we have a beautiful Mandala rug that you can make. Or clean out your closets to gather together old t-shirts and tops to make a t-shirt yarn rug. We offer instructions for quick and easy t-shirt yarn. You can even make your own fluffy. shag rugs for smaller rooms.

Jersey Ice Cream Co launched their unique design style in 2010 and love using and restoring vintage pieces discovered at flea markets and auctions, as well as custom-built furniture.

Again, layers of texture can add a level of warmth to an otherwise sterile room setting. what is important when layering textures is to look for a common thread that will tie all the elements together. This can be a colour, a pattern, or the use of neutral colours to highlight colours already in the room.

You might not be a fan of real fur, but there are plenty of fabric stores that stock a variety of plush faux fur fabrics that you can use to replicate the look of furniture. Let's be honest, a sheepskin does add a luxuriously warming effect to a room. 

Windows can make a room chilly unless you have double-glazing, so applying a weatherproofing strip around window frames will cut down on draughts. However, windows let out a large amount of heat during the colder months of the year and it's always a good idea to have a set of winter drapes on hand to keep rooms warmer. 

Jersey Ice Cream Co love using wood, and lots of wood, in their interior designs. Not only is wood a natural insulation, it just makes a room feel warmer. Nowadays you can find inexpensive alternatives to real wood if you don't want to go to the hassle of cladding walls. For example, now you can purchase wood-look wallpaper, or vinyl planks that look almost as good as the real thing - and are easier to install.

Apply the layering method to floors, walls and furniture to decorate a warm home for a cold winter without switching on the heater. Use throws and knitted rugs to keep you warm when relaxing in the evenings.