Inspired Spring decor

To celebrate the beginning of Spring I thought it might be nice to put together a collection of spring-inspired decor ideas to spruce up a home.


Sprigs or fresh flowers are a wonderfully inexpensive way to refresh a home, especially if you already have these in your garden. Cut blossom-bearing branches to make a spring display that adds a splash of colour to a room. 

Introduce new colours to your decorating palette with decor accessories. Cushions and fabrics can so easily refresh a room, and if you are handy with a sewing machine, making your own cushion covers is an affordable alternative to buying ready-made cushions. A visit to your local fabric store and you can check out the bargain bin for half-price offcuts to quickly whip up some new cushions.

Another way to update a room with spring colour is to bring in vibrant artwork. This doesn't necessarily have to be artwork that you buy from a gallery, but can be something as simple as your own art, whether it be a simple watercolour or a bold print. Buying or making your own, art has never been easier; from online sites (including Home-Dzine ) that offer ideas and inspiration, or access to local artists who display their work at craft markets.

Decor accessories instantly refresh a space and our local home decor stores offer a variety of accessories that can be selected according to theme, style or colour. Give you home a new look by swapping out the old with new trendy touches.

In a room that feels bland or lacking in detail, think about adding fabrics that introduce colour, pattern and texture. Curtains are not only for privacy or to control the amount of light in a room, you can also add curtains that bring detail to a room. Look for ready made curtains or fabrics that tie together colours already in the room. Visit our Decor - Window Treatments for more ideas and inspiration.



There are many other ways to dress up a room with a touch of spring colour. You can also use fabrics for upholstery projects, to make an eye-catching wall hanging or, as mentioned above, to make interesting cushion covers. See our Sewing & Knitting Crafts for a variety of projects, including how to make a colourful crochet rug..

Paint has always been an easy way to refresh a home, and I love the range of Rust-Oleum paints that you can buy at your local Builders. With a wide range of colourful spray paints and Chalked Ultra Matte, you can instantly transform furniture and accessories on a budget.

Spring is the perfect time to walk through your home and think about the many ways to revitalise your rooms. Living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, you don't need to break the bank when a few details can make a dramatic difference. Take a look at our Bedroom Section for ideas and inspiration to get you started.