Finishing Touches For Renovations

With so much excitement at the end of a home renovation project, don't forget a few things that really give a room or home that finishing touch.



Nothing beats the excitement at the end of a home improvement or renovation project when all the mess has been cleaned off the site and you can stand back and take in what's been done. But before you sit down and relax, there are a few important matters that require your attention, things that need to be done before you can say a renovation project is truly completed.



When browsing through home decor magazines, one of the first things you notice about features that highlight before and after or renovation projects is how good the rooms look. Not a single thing out of place, not a wrinkle in sight, and fresh flowers that haven't faded and wilted. This is where dressing or styling comes into play because you can guarantee that a stylist has gone through the rooms waving her magic wand to make everything perfect.


That's all fine and well for them. buy we don't have a fairy stylist to wave her magic wand and we have to rely on our own talents to dress and style the room even though many of us don't know how to.


• Less is generally best

We all know that less is best in many instances but more so when dressing a room. Too much and you end up with a space cluttered with stuff that just shouldn't be there. If you're unsure about what is required to dress up a room think colour, pattern and texture for finishing touches.







For texture, it's so easy to bring in a rug to ground the room and add a cushion or three to the sofa and voila - you have already covered colour, texture and pattern in a single step. And if you are re-doing an entire room there's still window treatments to think about.


A plant or two to bring life to a room is next of the list and the plant you choose will be determined by whether you have a green thumb or a death wish for anything green. Low maintenance houseplants are great for bringing nature indoors and you can pick small or large depending on where you want to place your plants.

Last but not least are a few... A FEW... decor accessories; small pieces that will breathe personality into the room and add the finishing touches any space needs.


• Set the perfect mood

With all of us spending more time in our homes, it is important that your home feels like to place you want to be. When times are difficult, as they are today, we need to be able to come home to a place where we feel relaxed and comfortable, and this is even more important when you also work from home and need to feel separated from your home office.







Set the perfect mood with the right lighting. Install bright light for evening activities and warm light for quiet evenings at home.


There are many different ways that interior designers set the mood for home interiors; it can be something as simple as lighting up a scented candle to tease the senses, or it could be something a bit more complex such as lighting a room. Anything that affects your senses in a positive way is a good way to set the perfect mood.

Another way to create the perfect mood is to decorate in line with your personality in mind and keep spaces clutter-free. If you need dual-purpose furniture that also serves as storage, storage baskets or even a shelf or two, allow for these when dressing or styling a room.


Allow funding within your renovation budget for light fittings and lamps. These can be used to make a room feel warm or cool, cosy or visually larger.








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