Decorate your Home with Warm Elements

As summer comes to an end, we start looking for ways to add warmth to our homes - without turning on heaters and spending a fortune on electricity!


The advent of winter doesn't have to mean that you must pack away all your colourful accessories. In fact, there's no reason why your home can't be colourful all year round. This year, rather than filling your home with neutral or bland accessories to up the warmth - go in the opposite direction and increase the temperature with colour, texture and pattern.

Pile on the Texture!

Go shopping for the boldest, brightest cushions and rugs with snuggle factor - the more texture the better. Think warm and fluffy in colours that turn up the heat in a chilly room. Anything with hints of red, terracotta or coral will instantly make you feel warmer and a room more welcoming. - 64739313379228928/ - 490540584406707200/


1. Cushions and Throws

An easy way to add warmth to any room is by using textiles. Cushions and throws are perfect to snuggle up to on a cold evening - apart from your partner! Shop for cushions and throws in colours that complement your room decor and that are easy to swap out when the seasons change.



You don't have to buy new cushions every year if you have a place to store winter and summer options. A storage ottoman is great for storing linens and accessories when not in use, and you can make a small or large storage ottoman that provides plenty of storage. When choosing accessories, select a set with colour and pattern you love for winter or summer and then simply swap them over when the temperature changes. - 214061788524515922/


2. Window Treatments

Windows are the main culprits for a draughty home, and even if you plug all the gaps to prevent draughts from getting in, you still lose a lot of heat through the glass. Replacing conventional windows with double-glazing is extremely costly, but adding a window treatment isn't.

Having two sets of curtains for windows may be an old idea, but it still makes sense today. Most older homes have windows that allow heat to escape through the glass. Having a lightweight set of curtains for summer and thicker material for winter will help insulate your home. - 798966790121418418/

The experts at Finishing Touches are able to design window treatments that will offer you light control, privacy, and the ability to warm up your home with a layered window treatment. Measure up and pop into your local store to see what options are available and block out the cold.


3. Rugs and Mats

Tiles are cold underfoot, and while laminate floor is warmer, nothing beats the comfort of a thick, plush rug to warm up the floor. Opt for a rug that is the perfect size for a room, and that sits just underneath all your furniture. If you're not a fan of rugs and don't want to fill up the space - choose a small mat to keep the chill at bay and your feet warm. - 105623553740682223/ - 116108496620700304/




4. Organic Elements

Bringing organic or natural elements into a room will instantly add warmth, none more so than wood pieces. Wood has a naturally warm feel with its rich tones, and adding just a single piece of wood furniture will do the trick.


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Organic materials can be anything from chunky wool knits, wood pieces, or your favourite leather chair. All these materials have a natural warmth that will help to make a room feel warmer than it is.

And don't forget that metallics are hot this year and have a wonderful way of imparting their warmth into a room; the warm glow of copper, bronze, brass or hues of gold can instantly warm up a space.

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