5 Smart Ideas to Carve Up Your Open Plan Floor

We look at some creative ways to partition your open plan space into various areas.


Open-plan spaces are one of today’s most popular features of a home as they offer plenty of design possibilities. You can always redesign your space to suit your changing needs. You can also partition various parts of your home.

For example, you can carve out a separate dining area from your open-plan living room. In this article, we look at some creative ways to partition your open plan space into various areas.

Using Wood Panel

If you want a room divider with a traditional touch, you can’t go wrong with wood panel. Consider using a sturdy plywood panel that is open on both sides to ensure portability.

Another great option would be thin wooden shelving that also serves as a display case to expand your decorating opportunities. If you’re working with limited squarefootage, you can choose open wooden bars running from floor to ceiling as they can offer clear demarcation while upholding brightness of the space.

Flooring Variation

Another creative way of carving out rooms from open space is by using different flooring materials. For example, you can use stone flooring in your kitchen and wood flooring in the dining space to separate the two areas.

Likewise, you can use acarpet in your living space to separate it from the hard-floored dining space or kitchen. This is an excellent way to present the living area as a space to sit back and unwind. Be sure to level out the floors so that the transition in flooring material flush smoothly with each other.

Furniture Arrangement

This is perhaps the simplest and most cost-effective way to partition your open plan space. You can position furniture to create various areas in your space. For example, you can group dining furniture in one area and lounge furniture in another. For further demarcation, you can use a long piece of furniture like a sideboard.



Using Lighting

You can design your lighting to demarcate various areas in your open plan space. For example, you can use downlights in the kitchen, and then hang statement pendant light over the dining table to make it stand out as a gathering spot.

It’s advisable to use obvious light sources like spotlights in areas where activities take place. Conversely, use intimate lights for relaxing areas.

Bespoke Room Dividers

If you’re looking for a more flexible option for partitioning your open plan space, you should consider investing in bespoke room dividers. The greatest thing about open plan living with bespoke room dividers is that you can have an open floor while still upholding privacy.

Namely, you can use a bespoke room divider to occasionally separate an area of open plan space from the rest of the functions. This can come in handy when you’re working with limited floor space or when you want to avoid solid, permanent walls that give you limited options.

Wrapping up, it’s worth noting that bespoke room dividersare available in a variety of designs and styles to suit your specific needs.



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