Chest of drawers... A beautiful transformation

A secondhand chest of drawers is transformed using cut mirror panels and Rust-Oleum Universal Titanium Silver spray paint.


It's so easy to turn everyday furniture into eye-catching pieces with a little imagination. Teresa Andersen transformed a secondhand chest of drawers using 4mm mirror panels cut to size, and Rust-Oleum Universal titanium silver metallic spray paint.

The process for transforming the chest of drawers was fairly simple, and  this is an easy and affordable way to dress up old furniture. You can have mirror panels cut to size at your local Builders, plus they stock a wide selection of Rust-Oleum products to choose from.




1. Remove any hardware (handles, knobs, etc.) and sand down your dresser with 120-grit sandpaper to de-gloss any paint or varnish that has been applied. It isn't necessary to remove all the paint or varnish - just enough that you remove the glossy finish. Sand again with 240-grit sandpaper to provide a nice smooth finish for spray painting. Use a rag to wipe away all traces of dust.

Invest in a decent Orbital Sander to cut down on time spent sanding. An Orbital Sander will give all your projects a professional finish and ensure they are properly prepared for painting.

2. Take the chest of drawers outdoors and place on a large drop cloth for spray painting. It's best to do this outdoors when it isn't too hot or windy. Shake the can well and spray on light, even coats over the entire chest of drawers and individual drawers.

3. Now you are ready to measure up for the mirror panels. Take exact measurements along to your local Builders and let them cut the mirrors to size. Double check before you leave the store that they have cut the panels to the correct sizes.

4. You will need to drill your own holes for new handles or knobs, and the best way to do this is to use a Glass & Tile Bit. Place the individual mirrors on a piece of scrap board and mark for drilling the holes for your particular type of knobs or handles.

5. Use a neutral-curing adhesive (solvent free) to secure the mirror panels onto the drawer fronts and chest of drawers. It may be necessary to secure the side panels with tape until the adhesive has time to set.