Modern solutions for dividing open space living areas

Open plan living spaces might be a way to create a home that feels spacious, but it does have its disadvantages when it comes to creating a certain amount of privacy in living zones.


Let's be honest, unless you're an absolute neat freak one hundred percent of the time, you're bound to have areas that you would prefer to not have in full view. Here are some modern solutions for dividing open space living areas.

This contemporary room divider consists of nothing more than wooden beams mounted on a pole support mounted floor-to-ceiling. The divider separates the kitchen and informal dining area from a formal dining space. The room divider has an integral floating cabinet that provides for storage in the absence of interior walls.

Being able to section off a seating area creates a more comfortable space to sit and relax. Wood beams are place vertically to create a 'fenced off' area that separates the living zone from the rest of the house.

A wall of trellis panels divides the main house from the dining area without completely closing off the open plan design.

Functional and good looking, a divider of different sized wood beams creates a feature between relaxation and work in this office environment. This design would work just as well in any home.

Natural wood beams designate the dining area without closing in the room. Although an expensive option if you purchase raw wood beams, using salvaged or reclaimed wood for this project would reduce the cost.

A dramatic fireplace wall serves as a place to mount a flat screen TV for the living room. The fireplace not only heats up other areas in the open plan space, it also provides a certain amount of privacy between living zones.

Something as simple as a hanging curtain or lengths of rope suspended from the ceiling add a sense of privacy between living and dining. Very little effort and expense is required for this type of installation, but choosing a quality hanging will make a difference between cheap and nasty and a dramatic feature.

Remember the jute room divider that we featured some time back. Vertical jute rope division walls allowed for defined 'zones' but still retained light and visibility throughout the entire space.

If you're looking for a place to hang art in an open plan home, why not consider building a freestanding art wall. Building a simple frame using 9mm or 12mm supawood, with mountings floor to ceiling and you have the perfect spot for a gallery wall or photo gallery.

For those with green thumbs, a living partition or room divider might be just the thing. A vertical garden brings a touch of outdoors into your living spaces. Just be sure to install plenty of lighting to ensure continued healthy growth.