Add detail the affordable way

If your walls are a bit flat and boring, here's how to add detail affordably using pine moulding and trim.


Over on Decor Chick, Emily used moulding and paint to turn a plain wall into an eye-catching feature wall. It's easy to add detail using pine moulding and trim, and you'll find that you local Builders stocks a varied selection of designs, or simply pop onto Google and search for pine moulding and trim in your area.

Pine moulding isn't expensive and can easily be cut using a mitre box and backsaw. Once you have all the pieces cut to size, glue them onto the wall with No More Nails adhesive or Contact adhesive.



Paint the wall in the desired colour, then it's up to you whether you want to paint the lower section first, or paint after you have glue on the moulding strips. 

Before painting, fill any gaps with either No More Nails or wood filler. If the latter, let dry and then sand smooth ready to paint. Use a quality washable paint to paint both the bottom section of the wall and the frame moulding.