Adding a rope bannister to staircase

Nancy Muchangwa, our resident DIY Diva, is busy doing improvements to her house. One improvement is to knock down the wall at the side of the staircase, as it blocks a lot of light and makes the staircase cramped and dark. After looking at various alternatives I stumbled upon a rope bannister as an affordable way to finish off a staircase...

Using rope to add a balustrade or bannister is an affordable way to finish off a staircase. The thick rope is threaded through upright supports spaced along the staircase and passage and is then pulled taut and tied to secure the ends.



Using thick rope as a safety barrier around a balustrade or staircase doesn't intrude as a solid wall would, and is not as expensive as options such as a wrought iron or steel balustrade, or solid glass balustrade. You will find a variety of rope in different lengths and thicknesses at your local Builders Warehouse.