How to have a Cool Christmas in a Hot Climate

We South Africans know not to expect a white Christmas and decorate our homes to suit the hot climate and you will love some of these summer decorating tips for a festive holiday season.






In South Africa and other sub-continent countries, we don't celebrate Christmas the same way that they do in colder climates. We know it isn't going to snow and we definitely won't be lighting up the fireplace, but we do have our festive traditions none the less. It might be hot over the festive season but there are cool ways to decorate the home and more than a few ways to keep cool!





Bring on the power!

Nowadays, solar power has gone from being just a novelty to something we can rely on, so it makes sense to make more use of solar power when setting up your holiday lighting. In fact, taking it outdoors is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas in a hot climate, outdoors where cool breezes blow, and shady structures block out the glaring sun.






Even if you don't want to hang LED fairy lights outdoors, you can still invest in solar powered lights and put them out in the sun during the day to fully charge and then bring them indoors in the evenings. That way, you will still be able to celebrate Christmas with colourful lights flickering in your home - even when load shedding happens.





Celebrate in the shade

Even though they may promise a load shedding-free Christmas, there is still no guarantee that this will be the case and it is always better to prepare for any eventuality. This year, rather than set up your festivities indoors, especially if the power does go off and the air conditioner cannot keep the house cool - set up a shady spot in the garden where you can sit and relax or enjoy the dining experience outdoors.







If you don't have any natural shade in your garden, it doesn't cost much to install a shade sail to hang high or to invest in a large patio umbrella to keep your family and guests out of the sun.





Naturally cool

As we look towards greener and eco-friendlier solutions for everything in our home to decorate for the festive season, the same should apply to your holiday decorations. Try to opt for natural materials for home decor and tree trimmings. Cotton, linen, grasses, bamboo, wood, and metals elements are just a few of the organic materials to use and these are not just good for the environment, they are good for your home as well. And don't overlook a touch of greenery to add a dash of freshness to your home interior.



"Dress the home with boughs of holly, tra-la-la-la-la!"





There are plenty of plants that serve well for decorating the home and many also bring natural scents indoors as well. Think eucalyptus, juniper, and rosemary, to name just a few. Take a walk around the garden and trim off a few cuttings to make wreaths and hanging decorations for the home. Use greenery and organic materials such as pine cones to decorate the dining table, or have vases of fresh, seasonal flowers, and these, along with candles, glassware, and silverware, will bring the festive season to life.









Cooling colour scheme

Ditch the traditional Christmas colours and go for cooler hues such as aqua, magenta, lilac, lime green and yellow or even pastel colours. These cooler colours are easier to decorate with and all complement each other and are way more elegant. If you don't want to go for too many colours, choose a single colour and combine this with silver or white for cooler decor for your home.





Refreshing and cool

In a way, I'm glad that we celebrate Christmas differently. While it is mainly because of our hot climate and our love of outdoors, but also that we don't overstuff ourselves with rich, fatty foods like turkey and stuffing with roast potatoes and all the trimmings, followed up with heated Christmas pudding with sauce.





Fresh fruits, cooled meats, crispy salads, and delicious icy desserts are just the thing for Christmas in summer and you will feel so much better afterwards, ready for a dip in the pool before settling in to relax for the evening. This is the new lifestyle for healthy individuals and those looking for greener and better alternatives, and the best way to start a new family tradition for the festive season.





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