Decorating On A Tight Budget

Making sure your home is looking the way you want it to can be exciting and fun. However, it is easy to fall into a spending trap; getting caught up with all the interior trends and shiny, new furniture.



When decorating your house, it helps to be realistic in terms of the budget. And if you have built your own home or even just relocated, you will probably be even more strapped for cash.

So how can you create a home environment that reflects your style without having to spend a fortune? Luckily, there are several ways to decorate on a tight budget! We have compiled a list of things you can do to save money while achieving the look for your home that you really want. - 377528381247471676/

Make Use Of What You Have

One of the first things you can do when looking to decorate your home is to take stock of what you already own.

If you have just moved house, you will no doubt have some furniture, accessories, and appliances from your previous home. Although you might think that these are old and might not match your new property, you can get creative with your decorating.

Try different combinations of furniture pieces and various rooms to see what works. For example, you’ll be surprised to find that your old wingback chair works just as well in your bedroom than in the living room.

If you have old furniture, don’t be tempted to sell it or throw it away! With a thorough cleaning, a bit of sanding, and a fresh lick of paint, you can breathe new life into your old pieces—almost like new furniture!

For moving house, carefully choose which items you’ll take with you. A new house is a fantastic opportunity to look at your old furniture in a new light. - 146015212891939523/



A Hands-On Approach

Instead of spending your hard-earned cash on new furniture, just think about the savings you can benefit from by making your own. The costs of a few materials is much less than the price you pay for a new item.

Making your own furniture and decorations will not only save you money, it is also a fun and rewarding activity. It also means you can customise everything to your exact tastes.

With DIY, the possibilities are endless. Create a simple, stylish bench by sticking hairpin legs to some shelf pine, make a bar cart as an appealing element in your living room, or set up your own mantel above your fireplace.

As long as you have the imagination, you can create any item to decorate your home. - 193021534008454796/

Get Personal

A great way to decorate when you’re low on funds is to display a few personal items in an original way. With these items you already have, you will save money and instill some of your own character and personality into your home.

Within reason, put out a few family heirlooms, such as a beautiful, rustic console table or a mini grandfather clock, alongside your more contemporary items. This will create an interesting contrast of old and new.

You can reupholster a vintage chair or paint an old dresser in a bold, new colour. Although this is for more experienced DIYers, the end result will reinvigorate older items and create a new atmosphere in your home.

Another thing you can do is print out photos you have taken yourself. Pick your favourite shots from a memorable holiday or a portrait of a family member and enlarge it. Create or buy a simple wooden frame and hang these prints to dress up the walls. - 208361920233311401/

Add Mirrors

If you want to give a sense of space, mirrors are your best friend. Hanging a few mirrors will immediately give the illusion that your room is much bigger than it actually is.

Strategically place these mirrors so that they can reflect as much light as possible. With the right window placement, or even light fixtures, you’ll make your room feel much brighter, avoiding costly tasks such as installing lighting or openings.

A mirror in the centre of the room works amazingly as a focal point. This is particularly effective in rooms without a fireplace or mantelpiece. A large, central mirror will draw the eye, enhancing the feel of the room. - 512917845052730641/

Embrace The Old

If you would like to add to your collection and do not want to create any more pieces, remember to be thrifty. You can find some very unique and intriguing items to decorate your home in thrift stores.

This might not necessarily mean vintage, as certain vintage items are quite pricey, but rather second-hand. Decorating your home with inexpensive items is all about finding rare finds at great prices.

There are many hidden gems to be found in flea markets, charity shops, and thrift stores. These can include anything as large as an old dresser to smaller, more decorative items like bowls, vases, or artwork. - 76490893650117865/