Decorate a Home for Spring

Every home needs freshening up and the arrival of spring is just as good an excuse as any.




Even though we are officially still in winter there are signs of an early spring all around us. In my garden, fruit trees are already bearing blossoms and new shoots have started to appeal on shrubs and trees. The annual spring clean rids our homes of cobwebs and dust accumulated during the colder months when our homes are closed up tight to keep out the winter chill and freezing rain. But if your home still feels dirty and dull after a good clean, perhaps its time for a facelift.



Change is as good as a holiday

Swapping out old furniture for new pieces might not be within your budget, but small changes here and there can make a big difference to the look and feel of any home. They say a change is as good as a holiday, and making a few changes here and there will definitely give any room, or a home, a fresh boost of energy. Breathe new life into a boring room by switching out old or dated accessories for something new. Refresh cushions with new colours or patterns, clean or replace tired rugs and switch out heavy curtains for something more lightweight and breezy.



Shades of white and grey are combined with whisper blues and bold metallic accents for a space that is cool and serene. Dark wood trim is replaced with crisp white detailing on window and door frames to provide a fresh, clean background for the muted colour scheme.





Brighten up dark rooms

If you feel that your home is lacking in light or feels confining or claustrophic, decorating with shades of whites and muted hues serves as  blank canvas for adding colour, but in a home with children and pets it's better to be practical - unless you opt for slipcovered furniture and easy-wipe finishes.

Paint discolours over time and what was originally a creamy white becomes a dirty yellow. If the paint on your walls is looking old and dirty consider painting walls and trim with Low VOC or eco-friendly paints that are scrubbable, which is a must for a family home. Treat this painting project as part of your spring cleaning since it is an affordable way to give the home an instant refresh.


If you need to remove crayon from walls, keep a can of WD-40 handy. Simply spray the wall with a light misting, rinse with warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.




Dressed for dining

Freshen up a dining room or dining area with a fresh coat of paint, lightweight curtains or blinds and a new piece of art. You will find hundreds of affordable ideas for making your own artwork on the Internet. All you need is a framed canvas and acrylic crafts paints in a range of colours that you want to introduce into the room.

In a room that lacks interest, you can also introduce pattern and colour by adding a large rug under the dining table and chairs and coordinating the artwork to tie in with this. Think geometric designs for rug patterns with a bold abstract artwork, or go for a more traditional look with a Persian rug and traditional oil or watercolours for art.



A blank canvas, shades of blue acrylic craft paint and a stencilling brush are all you need to create a unique piece of art that adds colour and interest to any room.







As a contrast to an all-white backdrop, walls painted in darker hues are complemented by adding lighter shades as accent pieces.





Refresh kitchens

Kitchens and bathrooms are the hardest working rooms in a home and sometimes more than just cleaning is necessary to refresh these two room. Keep in mind that anything you do in the kitchen or bathroom needn't be expensive or difficult if you take stock of what can be changed within your budget and what needs to wait for a later date.

Swapping out dated lighting fittings for modern styles can make an immediate difference and offer an entirely new look, while replacing dated countertops with trendy designs or modern materials will update without costing a fortune.

If your kitchen design works just as it is, then look at making a few cosmetic changes here and there to refresh. You will find plenty of DIY lighting ideas in our decor section.



A fresh, white coat of paint can do wonders for a dreary kitchen, brightening the room to giving you a fresh canvas on which to work.



Do-over a bathroom

Bathrooms are probably the most expensive room in the home to update. However, floor-to-ceiling wall tiles in dated colours and designs can be removed and replaced with modern, trendy options if you shop around, or you can look at a temporary option such as painting over tiles until you can afford a real makeover.

Toss out tired towels and replace with luxurious softness. Bring colour and pattern in to a plain bathroom with a striking shower curtain or colourful rugs. Add some scented candles or potpourri to stir the scences.





Small, dark coloured tiles tend to make a space feel small while large, lightly coloured tiles open up spaces and make them feel bigger. Light, natural hues also act as a neutral backdrop for furniture and d├ęcor - an important consideration when thinking about selling.







Swap out a dated or ugly bathroom cabinet with a stylish bathroom vanity. You can make your own bathroom vanity at a fraction of the cost of that of a ready-made or store bought bathroom vanity - plus you get to choose the finish you want. Visit our Bathroom Craft section for more DIY bathroom crafts, DIY and ideas.



Pop into your local Builders Warehouse or Tile Africa and view the latest range of drop-in or top mount basins. Ranging in price from about R500 up, replacing that pedestal sink isn't as expensive as you thought.





A soothing sancturary

Bedrooms have become a sanctuary and more people are spending that little bit extra on furnishings and accessories to decorate a bedroom. Add a fresh new look to a dated bedroom with new curtains and bed linen in colours that match your personal style. Home decor stores offer plenty of affordable options for curtaining, bed linen and accessories. Shop your favourite store to check out the lastest spring trends.