How To Make Floor, Hanging And Wall Lights For A Home

Finding unique light fittings, whether floor, pendant or wall lights, is not easy or affordable, so why not try out one of these hacks and make affordable lights?

Which is Better: CFL or LED?

Both CFL and LED offer huge energy savings compared to other forms of lighting, but which is the better choice overall?

Understanding LED Lighting and Its Many Benefits

LED [light emitting diode] is the future of lighting and is the energy-efficient solution for the future.

Make Custom Solar Lights for a Garden

The selection is pretty limited in choice for outdoor solar lights but you can easily make your own custom solar lights for a garden with these instructions.

Why Do Cool White LEDs Go Yellow?

I didn't know beforehand that some cool white LEDs can turn yellow and I wish I had because I would have made different choices.


Make a Decorative Light Feature with PVC Pipe

This easy project will show you how to make a PVC pipe light feature that will be an accent piece in any room and provide ambient lighting.

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DIY Battery Operated Wall Sconces

One DIY trend that is currently heating up the web is that of making battery operated wall lights and sconces and we show you a few great ideas for these.


DIY Wireless, Battery Operated LED Down lighters

In this quick and easy project, I show you how wireless, battery operated LED lamps can be used as down lighters for when load shedding occurs, or you need extra light when entertaining.


DIY Battery Operated LED Light Fitting with Remote Function

Beat loadshedding by making a DIY battery-operated LED light fitting for a home with remote function for switching on and off and no wiring necessary.


Tips to Lighten a Dark Room in a House

Every home has at least one room that is dark even during the daytime, so what can you do to lighten a dark room?


Use Reclaimed Wood for Lighting Fixtures for a Home

Use reclaimed wood or raw wood to create beautiful light fixtures for a home.


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Creative Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Lights and fixtures can make a huge difference and make your home’s interior stand out while providing the ideal mood you are looking for and we offer some creative lighting ideas to play with.


Upcycle and Old Lampshade with Twine and Wood

Upcycling is all about taking something old or useless and giving it a new purpose, like using a lampshade frame and using natural twine or wood to craft an organic lampshade.

How To Cut And Connect LED Light Strips

Becoming an increasingly popular source for light in a home, LED lighting strips are also easy to work with and we show you how to join LED light strips together.

A Bright - Light - Idea For Your Kitchen

Busy putting finishing touches to my kitchen renovation and not finding the right light for the room, decided to look at affordable lighting options I could work with.

DIY Lighting Ideas With Strip Lights

There are some great DIY ways to light your home, but one of the most unique ways to add lighting features is using LED strip lighting.


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Make a Decorative Lightbox for any Room!

Making a lightbox has become a fun DIY way to add a decorative light to any room in a home, and you can add a design, word or inspirational quote on the front of the lightbox to lift your spirits every day.

Add this Rustic Light Feature to your Dining Room

It can be difficult to select the perfect light fitting for a dining room, but this raw beam feature adds a rustic touch to any setting.

The Importance of Light in a Home

Light, both natural and artificial, influences not only how a room looks, but also how a room feels.

Trendy lighting ideas

This article seeks to highlight some of the basic types of lighting and illumination, their features and uses.

Trendy lighting ideas

The right modern light fitting can really update any home, and we have compiled a selection of affordable light fittings that will definitely provide a striking feature.


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Boho Lighting Ideas that you can make

Wanting to add something different for lighting your home? Boho style is popular and allows you to consider so many option for DIY lighting.

Paper Mache Lampshade

Update a pendant light with this easy paper mache lampshade made using toilet paper, wallpaper adhesive and craft paint.

Quick and Easy Tassel Chandelier

This quick and easy tassel chandelier will introduce an interesting element to any bedroom.

Affordable Lighting for any Home

LED lighting offers you an affordable way to update the light fittings in your home, and Builders Warehouse have a wide selection of light fittings to choose from.

Nightlight with straws or rolled paper

Make this nightlight or decorative lamp using straws or paper tubes, cardboard and an LED lighting strip.

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Quick Project: Hanging bedside pendants

Use Ball or Mason jars to make a set of hanging pendant lights for next to your bed.


Quick Project: Easy Zig-Zag Lamp

This quick and easy zig-zag lamp is just the thing for lighting up your home office desk or work area.


Wooden Pendant Light

Use plywood to make this industrial-style wooden pendant light. The natural finish adds industrial charm that is perfect for lighting up a living room, dining room or bedroom.


Washing machine drum lamp

If you enjoy being creative with items that normally get thrown out, you'll love this lamp made using the drum from a washing machine.


6 Lighting Trends For Every Home

We take a look at lighting trends for this year and what the trendy homeowner should be looking at when decorating a home.

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DIY Adjustable Pine Desk Lamp

Using scrap pieces of pine, this handy adjustable desk lamp has a plastic (previously a paint container) lampshade. It's fitted with an LED globe and looks perfect on my desk. You can angle the light in almost any direction - and it won't fall over.


Light up a Living Room

A stunning floor lamp creates a warm ambiance that adds atmosphere to any living room. Take a look at a selection of floor lamps - from affordable buys to designer pieces.


Galvanised pipe lighting

If you're a fan of industrial design, you will love these DIY galvanised pipe lighting designs. Inexpensive to make, you can create your own unique lamps or lights.


LED - high on efficiency - low on energy

Today's homeowners are making the practical choice of installing high-efficiency LED lighting for environmental and cost saving benefits.


Lamp made using string and wood

This wood and string lamp is fun to make, and you can arrange the string into so many different variations for a lamp that is truly unique.

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New look for boring fluorescent lights

Here's how to turn an ordinary fluorescent lighting fitting into an eye-catching feature using affordable materials.


Cheap lighting that looks good

Chinese paper lanterns are the cheapest lighting option you can buy. They come in different colours and sizes and can be used to add instant impact to any room.


Use ping pong balls to make unique lighting

Ping pong balls are an inexpensive way to make your own contemporary lighting, especially when combined with LED or CFL light sources.


Set the mood with lighting

Interior designers use lighting to achieve specific effects, to enhance a space, or set a specific mood. Most homeowners think that light is just light, but there's more to lighting than that.


Make your own copper-look pendant light

Copper decor is one of the hottest trends this year. We show you a stunning selection of copper pendant lights and show you how easy it is to make your own.

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Easy way to make a drum pendant shade

In this project we show you how to make a drum pendant shade without having to search high and low for a lampshade frame - using materials you will find at your local Builders Warehouse.


Unique ways to craft wood lamps and lights

We offer a selection of handmade wooden lamps and lights that you can make as a weekend project using basic tools and materials you can find at your nearest Builders, or source locally. 

Delicate wire chandelier

Here's a wonderful way to use thin- and medium-gauge wire to craft a decorative wire chandelier that you can hang indoors or outdoors. Dress up your patio with a wire chandelier fitted with tea light candles, real or battery, or even small solar lights.

Turn paraffin hurricane lamp into LED lamp

I used old spotlight fixtures to turn paraffin lamps into LED lights using Lumi Straight Candle LED bulbs from Lumi LED. Lumi LED are offering 2 lucky readers the opportunity to WIN a hamper containing 4 Lumi Straight Candles

LivingColors Micro light create playful moments for your child

Designed for kids of all ages, LivingColors Micro lights are packed with the latest LED lamp technology and produces up to 64 different light colours.

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Paper wall lights that add modern glamour

These paper walls lights are the most affordable and easy to make lights you can add to your home. The design is elegant and modern and it's hard to believe they are made of plain paper.

Quick and easy cardboard lamp

Turn a cardboard box into a quick and easy lampshade that can easily be dressed up or down for any room in a home.

Re-inventing the chandelier

Willowlamp, an award winning South African lighting company uses an original and patented method of attaching ball-chain to laser-cut steel frames.

Natural light is free!

Why should you pay for lighting when you can make use of what Mother Nature provides for free. Frameless windows, skylights and solar tube lights offer the homeowner a simple, yet effective way to fill a home with natural light.

Galvanised and copper pipe industrial lighting

You can make this industrial style lighting for a home with galvanised pipe that you can buy from steel merchants or local suppliers, and using copper pipe and low voltage lighting from your local Builders or lighting supplier.

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Coiled rope lamp shade

Quite often, inspiration for your next craft of DIY project can come from an image you see on pinterest or home decor site. I myself get plenty of project ideas from decorated homes and inspiring interiors by designers.

Replace incandescent fittings with CFL

As and when budget allows I am systematically going from room to room and replacing my old incandescent lights with light fittings that use CFL globes. The most recent replacement was at the top of the stairs.

Industrial style table lamp

We show you step-by-step how to make your own industrial lamp using galvanised pipe and fittings. You will find galvanised pipe and fittings at most steel suppliers and lamp fittings and electrical cord at your local Builders Warehouse. 

DIY basket chandelier

Hard to believe that this modern chandelier is made using a secondhand light fitting and a couple of wire baskets.

Galvanised pipe table lamps

DIY Divas' very own Marlene Cronje has put her creativity in top gear and made a collection of table lamps using galvanised pipe. The collection includes galvanised pipe men in different poses...

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Reclaimed plastic bottle petal lamp

I have seen so many gorgeous petal lamps and definitely wanted one for my TV room. Considering that you can pay anywhere from R800 upwards, once again I decided to make my own (!) and look at how to use plastic bottles to make it.

Table lamp from plastic and rope

This modern table lamp is easy to make using rope and a sheet of plastic, you can even recycle plastic bottles to make the table lamp.

Plastic milk container MilkWave light

MilkWaves lampshade is designed as an easy DIY project. It’s a lampshade that can be used as a pendant or uplighting floor lamp.

DIY options for pendant lamps

There are so many creative ways to create your own DIY pendant lampshades. Gather your inspiration from everyday home items, secondhand stores, or your local Builders Warehouse.

Chinese paper lanterns with style!

If you have a China Mall close to you, or a discount home store, you will find inexpensive Chinese paper lanterns . These paper lanterns are perfect for dressing up for a special event or party, and you can even hang them in your home.

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Re-purpose cutlery into vintage-style chandelier

Shabby chic style is trendy at the moment - combining vintage chic with modern style. This is a fun way to re-purpose unused cutlery. Use secondhand, odd pieces, or vintage cutlery to craft this cutlery chandelier for your home.

Paper basket weave lampshades

Magdalena Godawa uses sheets and sheets of newspaper to create paper basket lampshades. These beautiful woven lampshades were created to order for a specific client that wanted 16 basket lampshades.

Extra large string lampshade

Doing a clean out the other day I found my pilates ball - the one that was bought with good intentions and ended up never using! Well now I have a use for it - it's the perfect size for making my large string lampshade.

How to make an LED outdoor sparkball light

If you have plastic cups leftover from entertaining over the holidays, here's a way to recycle them into an LED light that is perfect for your New Year's party.

Cupcake fairy lights

How pretty are these cupcake fairy lights. They are inexpensive to make and you can mix up the colours to suit any special occasion or party. All you need are paper cupcake liners and LED fairy lights. It's important to use LED lights as they generate very little heat.

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Faux box-beam downlights

If you want to install downlights but have a solid concrete slab or flat roof above, adding faux beams allows you to fit downlights into the beams without having to drill huge holes into the ceiling.

Fabric wrapped wire lampshades

Don't you just love this trend of fabric wrapped wire lampshades - also know as ghost shades! You can totally design your own unique lampshade using a wire frame and scraps of fabric, with a few unique embellishments.

Make a capiz style chandelier

Natural capiz shells are hard to come by and expensive when made into lamp shades or chandeliers. But you can easily replicate the look of capiz shells using ordinary wax paper. In this project we show you how to make your own capiz shell chandelier - small or large.

Mason jar or glass jar outdoor pendant lights

Although you use mason jars - or pickling jars - to make these gorgeous outdoor pendant lamps, you can also use empty glass jars that you would normally throw away.

Not your average DIY lighting designs

The imagination knows no bounds when you take a look at some of these unusual, yet handmade lighting designs. Who would believe that you could make a chandelier out of paperclips, or ballpoint pens!

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Make your own glass table lamps

These glass lamp bases are definitely something new and are quite inexpensive to make yourself if you visit a local discount store. Top them off with nice lampshades and you have a gorgeous one-of-a-kind lighting feature for a console table or cabinet.

Beautiful lighting design

Lighting takes on a new dimension when you look at all the wonderful designer lampshades that are on available. Using materials such as fabric, tissue paper and recycled materials, these lampshades turn any light fitting into a focal point in the room.

Unique ways to use LED fairy lights

Forget just using fairy lights or string lights at Christmas, if you buy LED fairy or string lights, these are an energy efficient way to add light, decor and atmosphere to any room in the home - without having to pay an exorbitant electricity bill at the end of the month.

From whisks into pendant lights

We recently featured an article that showed how to use a kitchen colander as a pendant light, but this design definitely takes the cake...! Seks design recently featured whisk-y lights as part of a London display - and these pendant lights are made using whisks.

Bright ideas to save you money on lighting

Have a light bulb moment with these tips that will not only save you money on your monthly electricity bill, but they will also reduce your carbon footprint.

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Bowls make great pendant lights

It isn't always easy to find the right pendant light shade, especially if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.

Make your own party lights

Party lighting is expensive to buy - or hire - and this simple project shows how easy it is to make your own decorative twine or rope lighting for a wedding, party of special occasions using twine and balloons.

Translucent lamp shade

This lamp shade is translucent when the light is switched on and is made by dipping paper circles into wax that has been coloured with dye or food colouring.

Why buy when you can make?

We all have a time when we drool over something in a home store or decor mag, but imagine if you could make it at a fraction of the cost. I say why not.

Lamp made of natural cotton rope

Vasiliy Butenko's Acorn lamp series takes the use of cotton rope to a new level. A collector's piece, this objet d'Art incorporates simplistic with nothing more than natural materials put to use in a new and unique way.

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Transform a dated table lamp

If you come across a table lamp that doesn't quite seem right, think about the tricks you can use to make it a perfect fit.

The new EGLO range from Eurolux

Visit Eurolux for the latest in eclectic lamps, contemporary spotlights, rustic pendants and romantic wall fittings direct from Europe.

It's time to change to LED lighting

LED lighting is quickly becoming the most favoured lighting in homes around the world, but what is LED lighting?

Dress up with a colourful chandelier

Colourful chandeliers brighten a room beyond lighting; they often mimic hues within a room bringing the space together. Which is your favourite?

Make a twig lamp stand

I have found so many uses for twigs and branches from the garden. Instead of throwing these away, I have created quite a few decor projects that put these to good use.

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Upcycle bamboo blind into modern lamp shade

Don't throw out your old bamboo blinds - take them apart and use them to makeover a dated lamp or pendant shade for a contemporary look. Isabella and Max Rooms shows you how easy it is to do this project easily and quickly.

Summer's fan fare

As the summer days - and nights heat up - how are you going to keep the South African heat at bay?

Energy saving lighting

We are proud to announce a partnership with Eurolux for lighting features and articles on Home-Dzine. Readers will now have access to the latest home lighting tips and product information, directly from the source.

Make an orb light

Make an orb lamp using bamboo strips - taken from a bamboo blind that you can find at most home stores.

Tree baubles make a light

If you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and don't want to put away the decorations just yet, here's a stunning ceiling light made from transparent tree baubles.

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Makeover chandelier for bedside lamp

This is an easy way to be able to have a little chandelier luxury, even if you can’t hardwire anything into your ceiling. This chandelier was given to me by a dear friend who was renovating and didn’t need this little fixture.

LED lighting is looking good

To a homeowner shopping for a home, the look of energy saving bulbs is just as important, and up until recently, the look was, by most discerning accounts, not good.

When it comes to lighting - bigger is better!

Before you walk into a lighting store and pick out something that's not quite right for your home, take a look at the latest lighting trend - it's much bigger than you think.

Install modern lighting

No home decorating project would be complete without new modern lighting and as one of the most important design elements, lighting sets the tone for every room in a home.

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Make more use of natural lighting

As we look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, natural light is absolutely free and in abundance here in South Africa, so let's make the most of it by allowing more natural light into our homes.

Custom drum shades

Create contemporary kitchen island lighting with easy-to-make custom fabric-covered drum shades on pendant fixtures.

Lighting trends

Make a dramatic impact by updating the lighting in your home. Today's modern lighting options are modern and contemporary, while others are sexy and romantic.

Illuminate a home

Once considered to be strictly functional, lighting has evolved into a decorative element, contributing a great deal to ambiance and warmth. Without adequate lighting, even the most beautiful pieces of furniture may go unnoticed.

Chandeliers remain a glittering trend

In the centre of the room, the glittering attraction of pinpricks of light entwined in elegant ethereal design, the bold glamour and cheeky edge of modern metals and distinctive styling, the sophisticated grandeur of traditional crystal tiers… the chandelier is back.

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What is indirect lighting?

One needs a good understanding and appreciation of good lighting to bring out the best in any interior design and architecture. Light is also one of the most effective means to alter the character of space in any interiors. To design good lighting is not only a skill, but also an art.

Tips on choosing the right lights

With such a wide selection to choose from, it's easy to light your home beautiful.

Ceiling fans save energy

Ceiling fans do such an efficient job of circulating air you can use them in any room in the home. Put them on when you are in the room - during the day and when sleeping - and turn them off when you leave.

Light Up Your Home Without Inviting Pests

How can your home’s exterior lighting really make a difference for a bug-free home?

Things to Know About Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Before you proceed ahead and make your flush mount ceiling light purchase, you may want to keep in mind a few things.

Why You Should Choose Recessed Lighting

With recessed light, there is so much that you can accomplish with an array of effects strategically installed and different design options.

Things To Assess While Buying New Light Fixtures

When decorating your kitchen, or any part of the home, lightning plays a pivotal role.

Wall Lights - How to Choose and Use Them in your Decoration

Wall fixtures are good options for indoor and outdoor environments that can provide a diffused and supportive light. Find out more.

10 Lighting Trends Taking The Home Decor World By Storm

When selecting lighting for a home, consider the longevity and versatility of lighting trends, as well as maintenance, installation, scale, and size.

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