Weekend Upgrades to Refresh a Home

Small upgrades don't need to cost a fortune and will provide an instant facelift to a home, so check out these small changes that can have a big impact on any room in the home.


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Every house needs a few creative finishes to reflect personality and make you truly feel at home, and we have collected some weekend upgrades you can do - on a budget - to give any room in the home an instant facelift.







1. Paint, Hardware and Trim

I often mention about the power of paint, whether it's applied to walls or to furniture, or even used to create your own artwork. For the cost of a can of paint, you can bring a fresh new look to a room with a feature wall, or you can revitalize a tired room with bright trim. Nowadays, you can quite easily paint a bland piece of furniture and turn it into an eye-catching feature.

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Even if you don't know how to use a paintbrush, there are other ways to update your old fashioned furniture. All you need is some eye-catching knobs or handles, or even a few strips of upholstery pins to add something new and bring an old piece to life. Nailhead trim is still popular and it's an inexpensive way to revitalize a piece of furniture and turn it into a beautiful accent for your home. Pop into your local fabric store - or Gelmar - and ask for upholstery strips.

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2. Revive your Lighting

Lighting is an important element in any home, and it can be the difference between rooms that are dull and lifeless and rooms that are welcoming and bright. That doesn't necessarily mean swapping out your light bulbs for a higher wattage, it's more about letting your lighting shine and create the perfect mood.



LED lighting is leading the way when it comes to cost-effective illumination for homes. You can experiment with LED strip lighting to bring accent lighting into a room, or create a feature in a room simply by adding a beautiful light fitting. As one of the most exciting lighting innovations in the past few years, you can install LED strip lighting anywhere in the home- both indoors and outdoors - to dramatic effect or add subtle lighting to features.

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Adding a new chandelier or hanging pendant lamps will up the ambience and bring a modern update to the most dated room setting. Choose the right bulbs - in cool or warm white - to accentuate the atmosphere or to create a specific mood.

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3. Make it Personal

So often, home decorators forget about personal touches to finish off a room. You might not consider your family photos to be something you want out on display, but imagine how a room might look with a stunning gallery wall; with your photos framed in a single colour or an eclectic mix up of different frames.







Accessories are like jewellery for a room, and just as you would put on a pair of earrings to match your outfit de jour, so a room needs a few finishing touches to be complete. And items that are of a personal nature go a long way towards adding personality and charm to the room.

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Use empty surfaces in your home to display favourite trinkets or treasures collected over the year, but don't go overboard. There is a fine line between artistic display and cluttered room. The old adage that 'less is best' is true in this situation, so keep it simple with a few items you love.

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4. Potted with Style

On Home-Dzine we often look at the benefits of having a few pot plant in the home, as not only do these bring a touch of nature indoors but also introduce colour and texture as well. Every room is layered with different elements; from rugs to art, each element adds a layer. Plants can be used in much the same way and will also help soften hard edges that furniture brings into a space.

Having said that plants are an important part of your room decor - so are the pots. Don't leave plants in the containers they came in, rather splurge a bit on a decorative pot that complements the room setting. You have a wide scope of options here, from making wooden planter boxes, recycling or upcycling what you already have, or buying new ceramic, terracotta or plastic plant pots. And if the room needs a splash of colour, see how this can be done by adding colourful plant pots or using spray paint to give old pots a makeover.

If you don't know much about plants, do ask for advice on the best plants for the room where they will be positioned. There's nothing worse than forking out for a stunning foliage plant and plant pot and then the plant dies from lack of natural light or insufficient watering.

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