Easy tips to decorate living rooms

Your living room is one place that gets ultimate attention when it comes to design and décor for one sheer reason; the outlook of your home revolves around one crucial place, your living room. This is the place that offers your guests a taste of your lifestyle. Below are some easy tips to decorate your living room the most convenient way possible.


1. Display Prized Possession

Now, who doesn’t hoard a collection? However silly it may seem to others, it sure is a valued piece for you; it could hold sentimental values or is just another quirky side of yours! It is time to bring out those prized possessions for the display they truly deserve. Collection articles can divulge a lot of your persona; you sure would love to personalize your living room with signature stuff, don’t you?

2. Highlight With a Rug

Rugs are one of the easiest means to bring about an almost instant charm to your space. A stylish rug is an ideal choice to embellish your floor, and with so many options to choose from you can select a rug that enhances the room setting. 

3. Set-Up A Cozy Nook

Break the symmetry of standard living rooms by introducing an unexpected cozy nook in a corner. Give this place much ado than the rest of the places in your living room so much so that every guest of yours will get intrigued with this set-up! Add on to the warmth of this nook by adding throw pillows, blankets and floor rugs - this is your very personal space after all.

4. Mirror Deals It Right

It is true that mirrors create an illusion of light and space while adding a classy look to your living room. What else can best complement your accent wall than a mirror cluster containing various shapes of mirrors? Use mirrors in a way to reflect natural light or picturesque beauty points like a chandelier in your living room.



5. Fool Around With Odds & Evens

Throw pillows are a convenient means to add glamour to your furniture; use pillows that are large enough to showcase the patterns in the fabric, this also makes for a cleaner design. Did you know? Odd numbers are great to sport a modern look whereas even numbers best complement a traditional look - such an effortless means to switch between outlooks!

6. Use the Window to Your Advantage

Create a comfy conversation area by setting-up furniture around a large window, to take advantage of an abundance of light and scenic views. This cozy nook will look all the more spectacular even without a sofa; a cluster of four chairs, an ottoman or a coffee table compiled near a large window is all you need to bring about a remarkable change in your living room.


7. Let It Billow on Colours

Functional and gorgeous, a right window treatment can enhance an already-stunning view your window has to offer. Bring about a fresh spring look with sheer curtains that bluster over colorful furniture or furniture accessories. Transparent billowing curtains are the simplest and cheapest additions that can infuse immense impact on your interiors. A flood of natural light over colorful furniture sure is a pleasant sight!


Author Bio:
This article was written by Lubna Ali Khan. She is passionate about home improvement, beauty, arts, writing, healthy living and entrepreneurship. She regularly blogs at ALRUG.co.uk