How to Wall Mount a Flat Screen SMART TV

There is a right way and a wrong way to mount a flat screen SMART TV onto the wall.






There is more to mounting a flat screen SMART TV onto the wall and there are a few steps that usually get forgotten in the process and end up being an inconvenience. Read on for some SMART TIPS for mounting a SMART TV onto a wall in your home.




Why mount a TV onto a wall?

There are few reasons why it is a good idea to mount a TV onto a wall and one of the reasons, in fact it is two reasons, are as follows:





Keep a TV out of reach of small children

It wasn't too long ago that people don't remember when TVs were heavier than a bag of cement. They were so heavy that it sometimes too two people working together to move them around. Even the first flat screen TVs were a bit bulky, and it is only in the last few years that TVs have become ultra-light and ultra-thin. So light, in fact, that it is easy to pull one of its stand without too much effort.



Children are inquisitive by nature, and it is hard to put their curiosity to rest once they see something they like... such as their favourite cartoon or TV show playing. Before you know it, they are reaching out to touch the TV and it ends up falling on top of them. This is how many accidents occur in homes were TVs are not mounted on a wall and a very important reason why it is a good idea to do so.





Pets can get out of hand

Both cats and dogs can be a handful when running around the house or having what I like to call a 'mad session' where they run around and around the house. As mentioned above, today's TVs are so lightweight that they can easily be nudged and fall over. Better and safer to mount the TV in a safe place that is out of harm's way - like on a wall.



Other reasons include accidental mishaps, perhaps by a cleaner or yourself or the TV being bumped. There are many situations where a self-standing TV can be the result of something minor that could cost you a lot.









Benefits of mounting a TV onto a wall


  1. Safety, first and foremost, especially when there are young children or pets in the home.
  2. Preventing accidental mishaps.
  3. Being able to watch the TV from more than one area in the home by positioning the TV at the desired height.
  4. Ability to tilt and swivel a TV rather than have to physically move the TV.





Tips to mount SMART TV onto a wall

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you decide it is better to mount a TV onto a wall rather than have it sit on top of a cabinet.



Getting the measurements right for the positioning is extremely important. You need to look at the height the TV is to be mounted at and if it will be centrally placed on the wall you need to ensure that it is perfectly centred. Any mistake on these two points may result in the TV being installed in the wrong place. Also, consider who will watch the TV the most, will it be young children who sit at a certain height? What about when you want to invite friends around to watch sport - will they all be able to see the TV in the room? Knowing and understanding the best position for the TV will ensure you get it right before you hang it up and measuring twice will prevent any mistakes.



Take accurate measurements to ensure that the TV is mounted in the correct position. Using a spirit level will ensure it is straight.





Use a quality masonry bit, such as the Alpen brand, that will easily cut into the brick to drill the perfect hole for the wall plugs and bolts.

Make sure that the mounting bracket is firmly attached to the wall and by that, I mean that you need to test it by pulling to make sure that it will not come out of the wall at a later stage. Far better to test before you hang the TV up than have the TV fall.




Allow plenty of space behind the TV if you need to insert or remove devices. For example, if you have a movie collection stored on a flash drive, you will need to plug this in at the back of the TV. An easy way to overcome this would be to purchase a USB extender. But if you need to plug in HDMI cables or set up a non-wireless home theatre system, you need to have enough space to put your hand behind the TV.




Double-check that everything has been supplied for mounting the TV on a wall. The nuts provided with the mounting kit did not fit into the back of the TV and I needed to rush out and buy nuts to fit.



The set of screws included with the wall mounting backet had 4 spacers that allowed the TV to sit further forward and a little more room at the back to get your hand in and out. If these are not supplied, consider purchasing if you need more space to insert and remove devices.














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