Quick Tip: Cool or warm lighting

When buying CFL or LED lamps you have the option to choose between cool or warm light.


I have a pendant light fitted over my dining table that is the only lighting source for the dining area. When installing the light fitting it what fitted with a 'warm' light CFL globe. After 6 years it was time to change the globe and I fitted a 'cool' light CFL lamp. What a difference this has made to the room. The cool lamp is far brighter and imparts much more light, making the room seem brighter.

With the advent of CFL and LED lighting, you have the option to choose the amount of brightness that you want for a particular room. In a bathroom, for instance, and especially a small bathroom, you will want to opt or a cool white. While warm white is warming and relaxing, cool white is a bright light that is a practical choice for daily grooming.

In a bedroom or living space you may decide to go for warm lighting to set the mood. You can even change from cool or warm in the winter months, as warm light makes a room feel warmer too!

You will want to choose cool white for your home office, laundry, kitchen or workshop. Cool white lighting has been shown to improve concentration - there's less chance of you nodding off! - and since it's brighter than warm white, it's great for accent or general lighting in these rooms.

With the option to select either cool or warm lighting, you can choose lighting for a particular room, or an area in a room, that works best with the purpose of a room or area, or to fit the mood. Pop into your local Builders store, or pop onto their website to see the many lighting options for a home.