Before and After Interior Makeovers to Inspire You

A little inspiration can go a long way and the following before and after interior makeovers show just how easy it is to give your living spaces life.






When looking to give your home a new look, having ideas to inspire you can go a long way towards making the task easier. Many people aren't born with the decorating gene and find it difficult to begin a project not knowing where to start. This is very common and probably the main reason why we spend so many hours looking at beautiful interiors.



By collecting images, as you would if you were setting up a mood board, you are putting together all the things you like and what you would like to see in your own home. But with just an image it is still hard to know where to start, so we offer a helping hand and take you through a home makeover that includes the living room, dining room and bedroom.




Living Room Makeover





As the room in a home where the family spends most of its time gathered, and this could also apply to recreation or family room, the living room needs to handle everything. It's a room used for relaxing as a family, kicking back to watch TV, to Netflix and chill, or just to chat.

While the makeover of this living room isn't a drastic one, it does emphasize what a difference a little organisation can make. What was a cluttered and messy wall shelf area was cleaned and de-cluttered and is now a feature in the room, as it should be? Storage is important in every room in a home and if the rooms in your home are lacking in organisation and storage, changing this will have a huge impact.

There are so many storage options to consider; from wall-mounted storage cabinets for decorative display or essential storage to baskets or bins to pack away out of sight when not in use. If you urgently need storage in a living room, consider making or purchasing a media unit or TV unit that has plenty of storage options that you can make use of.









Dining Room Makeover





The dining room - or even a small dining space - should be somewhere that the family can sit together and enjoy family meals. It should also be a room where you can entertain, especially if you enjoy hosting friends and family. While this before and after dining room looks sophisticated after the makeover, if you break it down it really isn't that difficult.



Fitting a banquette along two sides of the dining table frees up floor space yet still provides enough seating for everyone. Slide out the table and you have seating for up to 8 guests. So, how would you go about this in your own dining room?



First off, it is easy to install a banquette-style dining room by making a bade frame for a medium-density filled cushion. But before you have this upholstered, source a custom upholstered headboard in the length you need and then choose the fabric for the cushions to tie in with this. There are plenty of home decor stores that offer custom headboards like the one shown below, and they give you options to choose from.


A 4-seater dining table can easily offer seating for 8 in this arrangement, and that means you spend less on the table and chairs. Everything should coordinate, including the fabric on the chairs so keep this in mind when purchasing what you need. Once the essential furniture is in place, then you can look for luxury touches with lighting.





Bedroom Makeover





What started as a pretty average bedroom was transformed into a boutique-style luxury room. Little has changed other than fabrics and textiles as well as the light fitting. It is the same headboard, wall shelves and bedside cabinets. What makes all the difference is the new bed linen and window treatment.







With the addition of a statement chandelier fitted into a soffit above the bed. For those of you who don't know, a soffit refers to a bumped-out feature, in this case, the ceiling, to accommodate accent or decorative lighting, as in this case the crystal chandelier. And if you are already wondering how expensive the light fitting was, pop onto the Builders website and you will see it cost far less than you might think.





The Bottom Line

Anything is possible. Sit down and browse through ideas that you would like to implement in your home. Visualise how the furniture and accessories you like would fit in the home and how you see the decorating revolve around this. There is always a starting point - usually the most obvious - and from there you can bring your ideas to life.


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