Decor ideas perfect for a rental home

Most landlords won't let you do projects in a rental home but these ideas are perfect for adding your own personality!




Dress Up Plain Walls

Wall stickers and decals, whether store-bought or custom, are a great way to personalise walls in a rental home. Wall decals are super easy to apply, and if applied artfully to walls, they can take on the look of bespoke wallpaper and provide a feature in any room. They can also be used on other surfaces in the house such as cupboard doors, plain tiles or even kitchen cabinets to bring additional visual interest and charm.



Give Furniture a New Look

It is so easy to give your old furniture a new lease on life and introduce pops of colour to add personality to any space - and it's as easy as buying a can of paint, some colourful fabric, or a pretty wallpaper. A new coat of paint or patterned design on an old armoire or coffee table can drastically change the way a room looks and make it feel more like home without costing too much.



Eye-Catching Displays

One sure-fire way of creating a feature is to use display units to put your collectables on show. Open shelf or storage units often don’t need to be permanent fixtures and that means they can be moved around and taken with you when your lease is up. Be on the lookout for discarded crates, wooden boxes or pallets that can be refurbished and made into a bookshelf or eye-catching storage unit.





Decorate with Texture

Rugs are perfect for adding personality and a layer of texture to any room in a home, and the great thing about rugs is that they bring a very real sense of your own style to any room. There is an assortment of home decor stores that stock different types of rugs or throws in assorted shapes, sizes and colours to suit any budget. Larger rugs, especially, can create the illusion of space and help protect floors, or even cover up floors you don’t necessarily like but can’t change.



If a rental home feels drab and lifeless, another easy way to introduce a touch of personality and style to a rental home is with the right window treatment. There are so many options to choose from and you can switch out the hardware to add your own - and replace and take with you when your lease is up.



Let Lighting Shine

Bringing new lighting into a rental home can make a huge difference to the atmosphere of a space, and while the light fixtures do contribute to the overall vibe of the room, the bulbs themselves can be more of a statement piece, especially if you use bulbs of different wattages and strengths. You can play with different styles of lampshades and table or pedestal lamps at various heights around the room to add mood and personality in your space.



A Touch of Nature

Bringing the outdoor indoors has the unique ability to make one feel at home and gives a sense of serenity that a paint swatch or furniture piece can’t quite match. Not only are indoor plants such as palms and succulents mostly self-sufficient but they also bring a beautiful source of personality and colour to any room, especially when potted up creatively. You can also bring in organic materials like driftwood or interesting branches and pebbles, so your creativity can really come to the fore in owning the space.



These great decor ideas are just the thing to make your space feel like home - without any risk! At the end of the day, there are so many cheap and clever ways to make even a rented home feel like your own and because of their temporary nature, a lot of things can simply be removed and taken with you when you decide to leave which really is an added bonus.

adapted via article on private property





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