The beauty of wood in a home

Wood is one of the most versatile materials and nature provides us with a variety of soft and hardwoods to choose from.







Nothing quite compares to the raw, natural beauty of wood when used throughout a home. Wood imparts warmth and texture in so many ways, and wood lasts a lifetime when cared for and maintained properly.





This beautiful holiday home is constructed using steel, local stone, and timber from the surrounding area. It has a small footprint designed for a young couple who like to 'get away from it all' from time to time.





Every room features hardwood ceilings and beams, hardwood floors and timber cladding on the walls. Floor-to-ceiling windows create a sense of space without barriers, allowing the occupants to take in the surrounding view to the fullest.



If you decide to incorporate timber elements and wood features in a home it is important that regular maintenance be performed to ensure that wood is protected from the elements, wear from traffic, or fungal or insect infestation. Woodoc offers a wide range of products that have proven their efficacy over the years, and are suitable for all types of wood in almost any application.



Interior and exterior sealers, maintenance products, stains and colours, and stone and tile sealers - you will find the full range of Woodoc products at your local Builders or hardware store.

Exterior wood requires regular maintenance to keep it looking good, and the Woodoc range of exterior sealers are available in matt and satin finish, with sealers especially formulated for decks. As soon as exterior timber starts to dull, follow the instructions on the can to restore the natural beauty and protect.