Ideas for Modernizing an Old Staircase

Here are some ideas that you can put to use to modernize an existing staircase.






Your staircase is a focal point of your house, especially if it’s in a main room or right inside your front door. But in many older houses, the staircase was mostly for function and left a lot to be desired in terms of design. While you can hire a company like Royal Oak Railing & Stair to design a custom staircase for your home and completely refresh your decor, there are some things you can do to modernize an existing staircase. Here are some of those ideas.







Add or Remove Carpet

A quick way to change the way your staircase looks is to either add carpeting to a wooden staircase or remove carpeting from a wooden staircase. At one point, carpeting was all the rage and some beautiful wood floors were covered up. If you’re lucky enough to have wood floors beneath your carpeting, removing the carpet and polishing up your floors can really make your staircase pop.

Likewise, if you’re tired of wood floors, you can add carpeting to your staircase in any color and style you prefer to get a completely different look. It probably won’t break your budget to add carpeting just to your stairs and it will make a huge difference in sound and warmth. Just be careful not to create a bottom-stair illusion by blending your last step in with your landing floor. This can be a hazard, especially for older people.





Replace Your Balustrade and Newel Posts

The balustrade and newel posts on your staircase are the most visible parts of the structure. As such, if you replace these two components, you are essentially getting a new staircase without touching the actual steps. Some of the more creative ideas for a modern balustrade include glass panels, wooden spindles, or intricate wrought iron designs. The balustrade can have a wood finish or you can paint it any color you choose to match your decor.

Newel posts are support structures for your staircase, but there’s no reason they can’t look fabulous as well as perform an important function. If you’re changing your balustrade, it makes logical sense to also change your newel posts, especially if you’re going in a completely different decor direction. For instance, if you’re adding a wooden balustrade with glass panels, it wouldn’t make sense to keep wrought iron newel posts.





Add a Wall Railing

Adding a wall railing opposite your balustrade railing is an excellent way to modernize any stairway and make it safer at the same time. Many older staircases only have a railing on the open side of the staircase, but there’s no reason you can’t have one on the wall side as well. In fact, it will help you with balance issues and just make it safer for everyone to ascend and descend your stairs. As an added bonus, it will keep your wall free from fingerprints, too.





Modernizing your staircase isn’t as difficult as you might think and you definitely don’t have to redo it completely (although that’s always a valid choice). Use one or more of the ideas here to give your house an instant makeover.





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