Staircase Designs for any Style of Home

A staircase is an essential element in any double-storey home, and one that should be selected to blend in with the style of a home and offer functionality whilst being attractive.






Not only is a staircase essential if you want to get from one floor to another, but they should also be functional while serving as an attractive feature in the home. Most staircases are situated at the front of a house or to one side and can be the first thing guests see when entering the house. That's why it is important to select the best design to suit your property and your style.




A combination of wood and concrete forms the basis for this staircase and the wood softens the sharp edges.


Factors to consider

If you have an existing staircase and want to replace this, consider that it can be done, but if it is a concrete staircase, you can expect a lot of noise and mess during the entire process. If it is a freestanding staircase mounted against a wall, this is not as much of a job to remove. That's why it is better to consider the staircase before any construction takes place if you want to replace an existing staircase or install a new staircase..







Where safety is an important consideration, look at materials that can be used to close off the side of a staircase.


• In a family home

In a family home, there are factors that need to be taken into consideration, not least that of safety for children and possibly even pets. I have been in a situation when taking my pet on holiday with me, only for him to fall down the wooden stairs and hurt himself quite badly. Not only the stairs themselves can be dangerous, but also the type of balustrade you have on one or two sides.



Of equal importance is the use of the stairs by elderly parents who might be living with you. There needs to be railings installed at the right level and the steps should not be too steep or too narrow to allow for easy movement up and down the stairs.



A spiral staircase takes up the smallest footprint but does not allow for easy access for furniture or large items to be transported.



• Available floor space

Space is another consideration to factor into the equation. A circular staircase might take up the least amount of floor space, but you also need to think about how you are going to get furniture up to the next level. Many homeowners overlook this fact and end up either having to remove an upper-level window or buy furniture that will fit around the staircase.


A curved staircase fits perfectly into a home with curved or straight walls and provides an elegant entrance to a home.







Be firm in your decision

Unless you are buying a custom-built home, chances are you won't be asked on your opinion on staircase design for a double-storey home. This is the time when you need to put your foot down if you are looking for more than just a set of concrete stairs walled-off on one side, or a basic wooden staircase that lacks any features or detail. Once the staircase has been installed, you are stuck with it and it will be both inconvenient and costly to rip out and replace, so voicing your opinion before construction begins allows you to design a staircase that appeals to you and your home.



Choose a staircase design

There is far more to a staircase than just the functional purpose of going from one floor to another. A staircase can be an eye-catching feature, it can sit unobtrusively to the side, or it can dominate an entrance hall with drama and sophistication. It all depends on the design you select for the staircase and the fittings you choose to go with it.


Staircases can be straight up and minimal in their design or they can make a dramatic statement with wood, glass, concrete or steel stairs and wrought iron or chrome and glass balustrades. There are staircases to suit a property designed in a cottage style or one that is contemporary.

Whatever staircase design you decide upon, make sure it conforms with National Building Regulations for safety and aesthetics.





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