Interior Design Ideas For Your Log Cabin

In this article are some ideas that will help you transform your log cabin into a private, cozy retreat.


There’s something about log cabins that can instantly make a person feel at home. Maybe it’s the simple, comfortable furniture, the soothing earthy tones of timber, the warm crackling fire, or the whimsical natural surroundings. Or perhaps it’s a combination of all that. Whatever it is, the incredibly relaxing feel that a wood cabin provides is unmatched, not even by the most luxurious hotel suites. Because it’s such a special place, you probably feel a lot of pressure to decorate it the best way you can.

Decorating the interior of your log cabin may seem overwhelming, especially due to the massive amount of wood that surrounds you everywhere you turn. But when it comes to decorating a cabin, the log-cabin suppliers at explain that there are numerous ways that you can offset or enhance the beautiful hues of the timber. Below are some ideas that will help you transform your log cabin into a private, cozy retreat.

Dress Up Your Windows

Wood is a great natural insulator which is why log cabins are typically good at retaining heat and balancing the temperature within, staying warm and comfortable throughout the day even when the weather outside fluctuates. When it comes to windows, your best bet is to choose the right material that can improve the inherent energy efficiency of the wood. Clad wood and vinyl frames are great choices for your cabin’s windows.

To enhance the authentic look of the cabin, you can bring a slice of the wooden exterior, inside by installing layered, wooden blinds on your windows. This way you can protect your privacy and complement the earthy vibes of the cabin while still managing to let the right amount of light in. Dark curtains and heavy drapes with ornate curtain poles and classic finials can also enrich the cabin’s rustic feel.

On the other hand, if you want to contrast the underlying golden hues of the wood, you can paint the window frames a light color such as red or white or dress up your windows with patterned, multicolored drapes.

Open Up the Space

One of the best tricks that professional designers use to open up a space and make it feel bigger and brighter is to paint the room a light and soft color. For a brighter, shabby chic cabin, you can whitewash the interior wood. Unlike simple white paint, whitewashing can effectively allow the texture of the wood to come through, maintaining the authentic homey feel of the cabin but with a slightly modern twist.

Add Depth and Character to the Cabin

If you lean more towards darker shades, consider grey hues or smokey charcoal tones for your cabin. Selecting a surface treatment that adds a darker tone to your wood can effectively add an air of mystery and romance to your cabin. Different shades of grey are particularly a great match for aged and reclaimed wood as they can bring out the silver undertones within it. Similar to whitewashing, a surface treatment will give your walls the color you want without covering up the real texture of the wood.

Cozy Up Your Bedroom

Selecting a theme for the cabin is generally a foolproof way to ensure that your interior design flows well together. You can choose a different theme for every room if you want as long as the entire look of the cabin remains somewhat cohesive. For your bedroom, a rustic, warm theme would be ideal.

To achieve that, consider purchasing a bed with naked wood beams that complement the log walls and ceiling of the room. Aside from the wonderfully cozy bed, you can also add an overhead branch chandelier for a whimsical touch. And of course, you can’t forget about the cozy plaid pillows and throws.

Add Color To Your Living Room

Many people believe that only warm colors can work in a log cabin and while the relaxing pastel shades of olive, cream, and purple can bring out the undertones of the wood, rich and vibrant colors like red, orange, and green can also give your cabin an appealing and interesting look.

Contrasting colors and patterns is a popular trend in interior design nowadays so don’t be afraid to mix things up a little bit. Look for fabrics and textures in your furniture, rugs, pillows, quilts, and curtains that compliment the feel of the cabin while adding character and personality to it. Leather furniture and faux fur will fit perfectly in your living room as well.

Create the Perfect Reading Nook

What can be better than settling in with a good book and a steaming cup of hot cocoa by the window? Creating a small reading nook can make your cabin feel even cozier. For a snug reading spot, soft materials are key. Choose a corner, preferably by a window, add a classic bench window seat, a lounge chair, or an ottoman that feels sumptuous to the touch, then match it with a warm, knitted blanket and a fluffy throw pillow and voila! You’ve created an inviting reading nook where you can enjoy your next favorite book.

Warm Up the Place

The relaxing and comforting powers of a log cabin can be amplified with the right lighting. As opposed to fluorescent or white lighting, warm lighting complements wood perfectly and can give your cabin a much more welcoming vibe. As for the fixtures, antler chandeliers and metal candlesticks are very popular among cabin owners who want to enhance the cabin’s rustic feel with an artisanal touch. Kerosene lamps can also highlight the rustic charm of a log cabin.

For softer, ambient lighting, you can install recessed lighting in the ceiling. This will provide your cabin with a much more intimate feel while adding a delicate, modern touch that can effectively make your it feel like your cabin was professionally designed by an expert.

Big or small, a log cabin has the magical ability to instantly make a person feel at ease. Even if your cabin is on the smaller side, our list of interior design ideas can help you customize the space you have to create a tiny refuge where warmth, comfort, and tranquility reside. Whether you prefer the classic, rustic feel or you want to add a more modern touch, our suggestions will help you design an interior that matches your personal taste.



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