3 Easy Ways to Add Colour to your Living Spaces

Every home needs a splash of colour here and there, particularly when winter dresses the garden in shades of grey and green.





When winter comes around and the garden is dressed in winter colours of grey and green, it's nice to have a splash or two of colour indoors to liven up the mood. Not everyone has the time or inclination to grab a paintbrush and some paint, and in all honesty who would want to paint their home every year, so we have listed our top tips for adding just a splash of colour to any room in the home.






1. Use Cushions




One of the easiest ways to add colour to a room is with colourful cushions. Whether your room is decorated in a single colour, two colours, or three colours, nothing could be easier than adding a few interesting cushions. And when it comes to choosing cushions to add to a room you can shop around for plain colours or patterned cushions to add even more interest.



Tie the colour of your cushions into the room with a colourful vase of fresh flowers or a few well-chosen accessories in a matching colour.



2. Add some wall art




Adding colourful wall art is another easy way to add colour to a room, and you don't need to spend a fortune for a recognised artist when you can paint your own wall art. Not only does wall art introduce specific colours, it also adds a beautiful decorative touch to plain walls.



We recently did an article on paint pour with cell effect and you would be surprised at how easy it is to create your own wall art, whether on canvas or on a piece of 3mm Masonite or hardboard that you can buy at any Builders store. In fact, you can be even more creative with abstract art and will find hundreds of videos on YouTube on how to get started.



Once you have decided what colours to use for your artwork and what would look absolutely stunning in the room, don't forget that Builders also have a wide range of affordable acrylic craft paints and painting tools to get you started.






3. Update your window treatment




The right window treatment is the perfect finishing touch for any room. Curtains or blinds are just another way to bring colour to a plain room, as well as framing the view. And with Finishing Touches you can select from a wide selection of options for your windows and have the freedom to choose from blinds, curtains or shutters.









Using a window treatment allows you to introduce subtle hues or bold colours to liven up a room without overpowering the space. But do make sure that the colours or patterns you select will tie the room together and not overpower the senses.








Whatever room in a home needs a bit of colour, the tips above will allow you to introduce particular colours in small or large doses, and using all three tips together will liven up any room with just the right amount of colour.










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