6 Storage Ideas For Awkward Or Unusual Spaces

Finding extra space to store more stuff isn't easy when your home is already jammed full, but there are a few places to store more that you probably never thought of.



When you need to find extra space for storage, particularly when your home is already filled to the brim, you need to get creative and make use of awkward or unusual places. There are plenty of areas in a home that we tend to overlook, either because you think they won't work or you're not sure how to go about adding storage to these spaces. We take a look at some unique storage options for any home that not only work in awkward spaces but also look good too.





Although I'm sure that many of you have already considered this option for finding extra storage under the stairs, if you don't want to go for a built-in or fitted option, there are plenty of other ways to make use of the space under a staircase. Loose storage boxes are easy enough to make using plywood, SupaWood or pine, and you can build them in assorted sizes to make an attractive display. If you're a clean freak and don't like to see clutter, there's always the option to add doors to one or two of the boxes to keep mess out of sight.



This clever box shelf design is made by making plywood boxes edges with colourful edging - or you could paint the edges if you prefer to have less to do. All the boxes are made in exactly the same size but arranged to give a contemporary look to the arrangement.



Sometimes you need to think outside the box or the linen closet in this particular instance. An alcove, deep cupboard or existing space for a linen closet can sometimes be put to better use, especially if you are short on space in the kitchen and have nowhere else to pop a tumble dryer. Do, however, leave the door open for ventilation when the dryer is in use.




Having carved out a space for the tumble dryer, or whatever it is you are using the space for, make sure to take full advantage of walls and doors for even more essential storage.







It pays to hone your DIY skills to be able to make furniture to fit into awkward or tight spaces. It is difficult to find furniture pieces to fit into a specific space, but if you have the skills and basic power tools, you can build fitted furniture that looks great and more than meets your needs for extra storage.


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Everyone tends to ignore corners and yet these can be the perfect place for an extra piece of storage furniture - one that fits perfectly into the corner angle. You might not be able to buy furniture to fit into corners but anyone with a bit of DIY savvy and a few basic power tools can knock up the perfect cabinet to fit into the space.




If you are designing a piece of furniture to fit into a corner, make sure to get the corner angles right. Not all rooms have perfect 90-degree angles and you might have to make a bit of adjustment to your furniture design to allow for this.


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For those that are a bit DIY-challenged and not up to making a corner unit, there are plenty of other ways to make use of corners, like the mobile cleaning cabinet above. The basic rectangular design fits neatly into a corner and the unit offers more than enough storage space for all your cleaning tools and supplies.








And you thought there was no more room for storage! There's always a place for more and you can find extra storage in the most unusual or unexpected places - like between two doors. Slimline storage custom-designed to fit a thin space is easy to do-it-yourself with a mirror cut to size and shape from a glass and mirror supplier, a strip of commercial shelving and some wire baskets or shelves.




Paint the storage accessories it to match the colour of the wall or trim and it almost disappears into the background. Spray paint is ideal for finishing items like these and you can choose from a satin or gloss finish in so many different colour options.



There are plenty of ways to add storage to an area under the eaves in a roof conversion, or where a ceiling slopes. The clever use of commercial shelving lets you set up a staggered arrangement that fits perfectly into the angled space yet still provide more than enough storage.





You might not think that the 10cm space at the edge of your kitchen would make a difference when it comes to finding storage, but that extra 10cm space, when cleverly used, can indeed give you quite a bit of additional storage. It's how you use it that makes a difference.


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Adding a thin cupboard at the end of the kitchen cabinets, one that is even only 10cm depth, can be used as a small pantry for tinned foods, or for cleaning stuff, or for an ironing board or brushes and mops.

And let's not forget about finding extra storage space on top, above or below kitchen cabinets. If your wall-mounted cabinets don't go all the way to the ceiling, there's nothing stopping you from closing off at the top of your cabinets for extra storage. Or what about using wire racks to create a small amount of storage underneath wall-mounted cabinets?


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