Attic or loft conversion becomes spacious living space

Hard to believe that this spacious living space was just an attic space. The attic conversion added to an average 4-bedroom home and garage.


Attic or loft conversions have lost favour over the past decade, but times have changed the way we live. Property prices have gone through the roof (excuse the pun) and whereas the kids would leave home after school, families are living together rather than have to fork out high rentals or relocate to a larger property. Click here for more information on Mansard Loft Conversion.

This increase in demand for living space means that a family has to look at options for adding on to a home and an attic or loft conversion is one of the cost effective ways to do this.



An attic conversion is roughly half the cost of extending the existing footprint of a property. We did some research to find out what is involved in an attic conversion:

The first step is to have the space evaluated. Not all homes can have an attic conversion done and a reputable contractor will need to check the layout of the attic or ceiling space to confirm that an attic conversion can be done, and at what cost if the entire roof needs to be replaced.



Plans need to be drawn up and submitted in line with national building regulations. Any alteration that that will affect the external appearance of a property requires planning permission and approval is required if you want to convert your ceiling space into living space.  

A reputable company should be able to work on an attic conversion without any disruption to day-to-day living below the roof. In fact, the timber frame construction is one of the easiest and fastest methods of construction, and offers homeowners the opportunity to extend living spaces using sustainable materials.



The only inconvenience during the entire process is knocking through to construct access by means of a permanent staircase or retractable ladders..


With an attic conversion you can add an entire granny flat, complete living accommodations for family members or into a function space that serves as extended living space, playroom or home office.


An attic or loft conversion can be considered for most types of roof, but some roof types may mean that the total roof will need to be replaced. Where the roof pitch is low the entire roof may need to be replaced.


Properties that have a gable wall are the easiest and most affordable conversions to do. But of course how much for a loft conversion is spent also depends on what kind of interior design or construction works you intend to do with the space.