Top Interior Decorating Trends For Increasing House Value

When staging a property, just because you like something doesn’t mean that another person will as well.

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When it comes to home decor, everything is subjective - just because you like something doesn’t mean that another person will as well. That’s often the reason why people have trouble selling their apartments or houses - especially if they like to follow the trends.

Unfortunately, home decor trends have a tendency of coming and going - what is considered as trendy and chic today, might not be seen this way in a month or so. - 797489046496687757/?nic_v1=1a6EZNf0ZDSHqH2t2IchthIEZnZ7y5r6UD3KMAI0eTE3eOE3lUWcZ9yhKkYaOK9LBp

However, some trends have been going strong for a while now, and are a go-to for many interior designers. Furthermore, implementing them into your house design might help you in selling it faster and for more if you ever decide to do it. Some of those trends include...

Making The Most Out Of Natural Light

Waking up in a dark room is not a very pleasant way of starting the day, but waking up with the rises of sunshine falling onto your face? That’s an entirely different story. It’s no secret that natural light makes people feel more energetic and willing to get out of bed. That’s why you should make the most of it - add sheer curtains, place mirrors in the room so that they would reflect the light, or just add a window if you want to. - 239816748896405758/?nic_v1=1aFXmE6g%2FV7Jd59%2BljdCfKc%2FCKlwIjgosCsYo7Dh%2Bpn%2FaV%2FtfUQr7x4aXykwP7XScg

However, if there’s no way that you can do that or the room simply doesn’t have a window, you can always create the effect with the right lighting. While browsing on Lamp Twist for light bulbs, look for the cool-toned ones, as they imitate the natural light the best. It might not give the same results, but it’s still close enough.

Neutral Color Scheme

Not everyone is a fan of bright colors, and that’s a fact. So when you are trying to sell your house/apartment, and your walls are hot pink or bright orange, you might have a tough time finding potential buyers. So what to do to avoid that situation? The answer is easy - grab a brush and get to painting.

Stick with neutral colors such as white, beige, cream, etc. People usually want their house to be a relaxing place, where they can put their minds at ease after a very long day at school or work. They can’t really do that with a bright wall right in front of them, can they? - 208713763967893069/?nic_v1=1a44XXtYkiRvRrDe%2BdZH0OhRiIs6no%2FBaulbEFt6XZqcLj%2BkOhGZRWsUsu5QZ7uK6I


When decorating a house in which you are not planning to stay forever, minimalism is your way to go. Not only is it a very stylish choice on which many people are bound to compliment you, but it’s also a perfect base for the future owners. They can easily personalize it with pops of colors, decorations, or pictures.

To achieve the perfect scandinavian look, you should paint your walls white or some other neutral color - that way, it’s easier to keep the space bright throughout the whole year. Space cannot be too cluttered, so choose only essential pieces of furniture, such as a table and chairs in the kitchen and bed in the bedroom. After all, scandinavian style is all about having everything organized and spacious but at the same time cozy. - 683491680930935124/?nic_v1=1aEqH9KqduIJp5dvpmra%2B6%2BlexyAcNCfFMNJUThZcI3TGBPFwBHYYW7Zdmn3GuAha8

Thinking About The Bathroom And The Kitchen

The kitchen and the bathroom are probably the most important rooms in the house, along with the bedroom. If one of those doesn’t meet the expectations of potential buyers, it could be a deal-breaker. That’s why when decorating, it’s vital to not forget about these rooms. - 792211390684618608/?nic_v1=1ahY1kxlMW1P1qHQw%2F5rTM8BisN3ppuurtmrLCGQLhp%2F4ygnJ%2BHzbC2gLwHziXMAUJ

Just to be clear - you don’t need to spend thousands in order to change the room. Usually, the small changes are the ones that make the most significant difference, so keep that in mind. For example, instead of changing the whole furniture in the kitchen, you can just add new doors to the counters or change the hardware. Or if you want to change something in your bathroom, you can just replace the outdated lighting - with so many designs and styles available on the market, you are bound to find one that will fit your bathroom perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Interior design can either make or break the whole house. That’s why, when designing the house, it’s crucial to take into consideration the possibility of selling it later. After all, you never know what could happen, and if you incorporate into your design the home decor trends listed above, you might actually be able to sell your house for more.

So now, the only thing left to say is Good Luck.



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