Uses for corrugated and galvanised sheet metal

Corrugated and sheet metal is one of the most widely used materials in the construction industry. Reasonably inexpensive and easy to work with, we put together some unique uses for corrugated sheet in the home.


In recent years, as homeowners look at sustainable materials for home decor and construction, sheet metal has made an appearance as more than just a roofing material, particularly reclaimed sheeting. In fact, interior designers and crafty homeowners are using sheet metal to decorate their homes in ways never thought possible; from cladding a shower to panelling walls, corrugated sheet metal adds a new layer of texture to ho-hum homes.

Lightweight, portable, economical and durable, corrugated sheeting is available in panels that can be easily cut down to size or shaped.








In a bathroom, corrugated panels offer a variety of finishing options to give this room a stand out feature.


Not just bathrooms, you can make use of corrugated sheet metal to clad or decorate specific areas in a kitchen, or other rooms in a home. Corrugated sheet metal is easy to work with - you can use a jigsaw or Dremel tool to cut sheet metal to size,  and that's one of the main materials it is used in roof restoration melbourne.. I have previously cut both IBR and sheet metal using a Dremel DSM20 when making a dog house.


Corrugated sheeting can be used to clad small or large projects and provide a wonderful contrast when used in conjunction with raw timber beams, or to create an accent wall that is an instant eye-catcher on a budget. Corrugated sheeting can be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.

Typically, the vertical orientation is preferred while horizontal installation can be seen in interiors with more contemporary look. The flexibility of corrugated sheeting make it possible to twist and shape them for a variety of applications"


Indoors or outdoors, IBR and corrugated sheet metal products add another layer of interest and texture to living spaces, and you can treat the metal to protect from rust, or let it age naturally for a worn, rustic touch.




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