Turn your Fireplace into a Stunning Feature

I have seen many homes where the fireplace is overlooked, yet it is so easy to turn a fireplace into a stunning feature or focal point in a room.


If you are lucky enough to already have a fireplace in your living room, don't waste this focal point with an ugly fireplace that doesn't do justice to the room. Many older homes have a wood-burning fireplace installed as an integral feature in a living room, and there are so many easy and affordable ways to turn this into a focal point or stand-out feature.

To give your fireplace a facelift, we've included a selection of before and after images of makeovers and remodels that transformed fireplaces, and you can easily upgrade your own fireplace using some of the tips below.

A plain brick fireplace surround is one of the easiest to update. Painting the brick surround with a fresh coat of white paint gives the fireplace a clean modern style and the brickwork adds subtle texture to the otherwise plain living room. The refresh the fireplace, all that was needed was a good cleaning down with sugar soap and a scrubbing brush before applying a couple of coats of white paint to blend with the style of the room.

GOOD TO KNOW: When selecting paint for a brick fireplace surround, choose one that will be easy to wipe down when it needs cleaning.

Another common feature in many older homes is the stone or slasto chimney or fireplace surround. However, if not cleaned from time to time, the stone or slasto can darken and bring down a room.

If you don't have the budget to look at replacing the stonework, you can look at giving the stone or slasto a good cleaning to restore to its original condition. Use cleaning products specifically formulated for stone or natural stone like slasto. TFC have a wide range of suitable products and you will find these at Builders stores or Builders Warehouse countrywide.

By restoring the stonework to lighten the colour, the fireplace no longer dominates the room but becomes an attractive focal point that sets the tone for a more cheerful family room.


If your fireplace is stuck in the 1970s, surrounded by dark brick and dark brown hues it will do little to enhance the space.

You have more than a few options to choose from for updating a dated fireplace, from using paint to turn the facade white, to adding moulding and trim to give it a makeover than makes it a stunning feature. This fireplace surround and added built-ins were painted white to brighten the room and complement the cottage charm. 



This dramatic fireplace makeover involved the fireplace and the surrounding wall. White paint softened the somewhat formal profile of the fireplace and that now stands out against a wall clad with reclaimed wood. Grey-green mosaic on the fireplace surround add a wonderful accent colour that blends with colours used in the room

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