Spice up your living area with Glass Cabinets

When it comes to modern architecture, nothing advocates sophistication and elegance more than a touch of glass here and there, in the form of glass cabinets.


When it comes to modern architecture, nothing advocates sophistication and elegance more than a touch of glass here and there. This fragile yet handsome material is a fine addition to any living room, bathroom, dining room or kitchen; increasing the artistic appeal manifold. The ways in which glass can revamp your style are copious, which often leads to you finding yourself in a dilemma most of the time. The key is finding the right amount of glass to inject in your space, and where and how to use it. An essential component that you absolutely do not want to miss out is a glass cabinet. Let’s look at them in a bit more detail.

Types of Glass Cabinets

There are immense varieties of appealing cabinets that you can choose. Each have its own unique charm. Philosophically, no two cabinets are the same. However, for the sake of simplicity we have narrowed it down to specific categories so you can choose which one would suit your decorative style best. https://www.fabglassandmirror.com/cabinet-glass

Transparent Cabinets: Items inside cabinet are visible

By far, the most popular archetype is transparent glass cabinets. These cabinets can gracefully display your souvenirs, decorative pieces, literary collections and the stereotypical clock while orchestrating a clean and simple look that naturally fits in without requiring any complimentary set of furniture to help it stand out. Place it at the center of the wall you picked for setting it up.

Textured Cabinets: show blur images of items

Your ideal choice if you want to throw a bit of razzle-dazzle in the room. These cabinets can feature anything from a vibrant floral pattern to a rich mosaic design. The pattern you want to have imprinted depends on the type of living room setup you’re aiming for. Our recommendation would be to align it with the surrounding furniture. For example, if accompanying cabinets or shelves are made out of leaded glass, then your texture should portray a colorful geometric design.

Dividing Cabinets

These type of cabinets are a bit tricky to properly place as they rely solely on the type of rooms you’re dividing. The idyllic approach is to go for an open-shelved cabinet (no doors, just shelves with a colored stainless steel frame). The glass used for these cabinets is almost always either stained or simply frosted. Dividing cabinets are most commonly used for separating the living room from the dining area or from a private study. These cabinets usually feature decorative pieces such as statuettes made out of stained glass, Russian dolls or whatever strikes your fancy. Show off your collections!

Hybrid Cabinets: Replace upper cabinet and reface base cabinet

A mixture of glass cabinets and wooden drawers, these ones are both extremely convenient for stocking your everyday tools and stationery as well as displaying all that expensive china you bought. Although you can have the order in any way you like, it is highly recommended (keeping in line with the recent trend in the market) that you build the glass cabinets at the top and wooden drawers down below. This not only gives you a comfortable viewing angle at the items inside the glass cabinets, but also protects them from accidental bumps from children, pets or even your own feet, as glass is prone to shattering unlike wood. However, if you feel like you must, then it is recommended you use tempered glass for the lower cabinets owing to its sturdiness.

How to utilize your glass cabinets

Now that you have a rudimentary understanding of the different types of cabinets and where they look best, it’s time to explore ways to effectively utilize the space and functional features each type provides. Keep in mind this part is purely subjective for the most part and at the end of the day, it’s your choice on how to stock your cabinets. This guide will only outline a few suggestions on how to bring out the best in your cabinets.

Countertop clocks

It may seem like a good idea initially to place a clock atop the cabinet but doing so takes away the spotlight from other potentially better pieces that would be on display in your cabinet, especially if it’s an all-glass cabinet. Keep your clocks in the shelf immediately below the top.

Decorative pieces

Available in all shapes and sizes, these will form the majority of items in your cabinet and may range from exquisite crystal centerpieces to quaint mannequins bordering the sides of your cabinet. These are best placed at the top in closed cabinets and in the middle in open-shelved ones. If you feel like boasting your china set, a long hybrid cabinet is the best way to do it. Stack your dishes normally as you would accept the final one that should lean against the back of the cabinet so its front faces the viewer vertically.


Unless you got really fancy hardbacks, it is generally a good idea to have your books towards the bottom stacked horizontally while binders are better stacked vertically.

We would like to reinforce the fact that how you place your cabinets and how you fill them is entirely up to you. That being said, we hope the following guideline was helpful to you in aligning your setup and choosing the glass cabinet that’s right for you.



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