6 Creative Center Table Styles Perfect for Any Home Interior

Table designs that could complement any home interior while taking into consideration the trending styles.





The importance of having center tables in the living room is pretty explanatory. It serves various functions that are greatly beneficial to people using the area. With this in mind, it means your center table has to look presentable and inviting to your guests to make them feel comfortable and cozy during their stay at your abode. You may be wondering what table style would suit the best for your space.

However, you have to keep in mind that choosing a center table should not only be for aesthetic purposes. It also has to meet the practical needs of whatever usage you will need from it. Simply put, it needs to be able to attract the attention of people while at the same time being useful to you and your guests. It should not be an obstruction in the room and must serve various functions such as an area for serving snacks or refreshments, a space for belongings, and a decoration to liven up the home.

Depending on the interior needs and the layout of the house, you have to select a center table with a style that encompasses both form and function. In this article, we have gathered all the possible table designs we know that could complement any home's interior while taking into consideration the trending styles and other related details. Feel free to check these suggestions we've put up!


Wood Design

Wood, as a material, has never failed to keep up with the ever-changing furniture standards as time passes by. There are several types of wooden styles to choose from due to the many variations of tree species suitable for furniture needs. All wooden table types are guaranteed to provide an attractive look as your center table and at the same time, especially when topped with a protective layer of coating.



Glass Design

Glass is another great material utilized for tables and chairs. One advantage of such furniture design is that it delivers elegance and sophistication for concepts that usually go for modern or industrial themes. It adds the reflective quality that enables light to pass through, illuminating your space with natural light. You can also opt to up your glass center table with frosted glass to prevent it from looking fragile. Meanwhile, if you're pursuing the minimalist style, you can have the plain sturdy glass and just add some minimalist-related accessories as centerpieces.


Metal Design

Center tables made of entirely metal are not pretty common in living rooms except when incorporated with other materials like glass or wood as tabletops. It is much more reliable to have the metal material utilized as table legs because it holds the weight of whatever things are placed on top of the table, all thanks to the durability of metal.

Furthermore, the metal does not require high maintenance and is known to last for many years. If ever the wooden tabletop chips off or the glass tabletop gets broken into pieces, the metal table bases remain and can still be reused to build another table again. Lastly, it provides a contemporary feel to the table regardless of the type of material used for the tabletop.


Abstract Design

Let your creativity flow by making your abstract patterns for your center table. Create it in a way that will suit the space where you intend to put it. What’s good about this is you have the liberty to select the texture and color of the center table that you think will be perfect to grab the attention of anyone in the room. If you have a design that can reflect your personality or interest, then go for it. Having a problem finding your creative style? Browse over Pinterest for samples you can take inspiration from.


Mix and Match the Design

Tired of the usual coffee tables you see on home depots and furniture shops? Upgrade your table game by mixing and matching materials that will produce unique and contemporary designs. The common material combinations are wooden or glass tabletops with metal table bases. These designs often complement modern or industrial interiors. Do not be afraid to try out different material combinations, who knows you might be able to produce a new center table design that could get trendy soon.


Industrial Design

Looking for a more futuristic and modernized take on your center table? Search for cube or boxed layout designs for tables that you prefer for your area. Generally, modern center tables have lots of compartments that function as spaces for placing essential items like the remote control for the television, magazines, or cleaning materials for keeping the furniture neat. There are also round, oval, or curvy designs for a unique take on the table concept.


Final thoughts

You don't have to settle for the usual store-bought coffee tables. If you’re looking for a more personal center table, you can have one custom-made at shops. But, if you're looking for a design that can suit different house concepts, especially if you’re someone who wants to change the interiors frequently, it's highly recommended to have table tops with metal table bases. It can suit minimalist, industrial, vintage, and many other interior styles. You don't even have to worry about the deteriorating quality of the table legs since they cannot easily be cut, scratched, chipped off, or ruined by various factors.





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