Modern Update for a Home

When you've stayed in a home for 10 or more years, you don't realise how dated rooms can look. That's when you need to stand back and truly assess the space.






Styles and trends come and go over the years, and if you haven't done any decorating in a while, chances are your home is looking dated. To keep your living spaces fresh and modern, there are a few interior design tricks you can use when shopping for paint, fittings and accessories.


Modern hues

As Olympic Property Management says painting a home is one of the ways to instantly update. Colour trends change, and what was considered fashionable 10 years ago is not what's popular today. If you haven't had a paintbrush in your hand for 10 years, it's definitely time to grab a can or two of paint to see what a difference it can make to the rooms in your home.

You don't need to splash on bold, bright colours - today's neutrals are muted hues that provide the perfect backdrop for any decor style. Plus, if paint has been on the walls for 10 or more years, it's faded and stained and definitely not doing your home any favours.

Once you've applied a new coat or two of paint you can then better assess what needs to be replaced or added to modernise and refresh.





Swap Old for New

Furniture is another element that can become dated over time, unless you wisely invested in timeless or iconic pieces that never seem to age. A saggy sofa or dinged up, melamine coffee table won't look better - no matter how many coats of paint you apply - and it might be time to invest in new furniture.

This time around, try to put money aside to shop for classic furniture that is comfortable and stylish, and that will last for a further 10 years or more.



Unwrap Windows

If your window treatments are layers and layers of fabric draped over, under and around, it's time to set your windows free. Let in the light and add a modern window treatment. Today's window treatments are light and airy, with softly flowing drapes to frame the window, and perhaps even blinds to offer privacy and control light.





Open Up Spaces

Over a period of 10 years or so you can accumulate a lot of stuff and don't realise how cluttered your living spaces have become. If this is the case, it's probably time to clean out rooms that are filled to overflowing and donate, sell or trash what you don't need - or give pieces a modern makeover to repurpose them and make them more suitable for your newly updated home.





If you're planning on updating your entire house, take it room by room and plan each step of the process. Where you want to remove and replace window fittings, flooring or fixtures, do this before you start to paint.

Start by clearing out the room to prep and paint, and this will also give you the opportunity to look at the layout and decide what furniture stays - and what goes.






Visit your favourite home decor store to shop for finishing touches for all the rooms in your home. Select what you need to complement your personal style, but avoid overdoing it. You just want a few items to modernise the look of rooms, and it's best to buy a few statement pieces that add interest and bring everything together for a cohesive look.





With a home that's refreshed and updated your family and guests will feel invigorated and welcome. Like they say... "A change is as good as a holiday!"