Tips for Furniture Layout in Living Rooms

When you factor in how much furniture goes into a living room, finding the perfect layout for everything isn't always easy but these tips will help you along the way.

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Every home has a living room and every living room reflects the style and personality of the homeowner. But when you factor in all the furniture and accessories that go into making the perfect living room, finding the right layout isn't always easy. That's why we put together a helpful guide that you can refer to make the task much easier for you.







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1 Sofa + 2 Chairs

Probably the most used arrangement in an average-size living room, a sofa and 2 chairs is an easy layout to work around, as long as you leave enough space to walk through or around. What's nice about this living room layout is that not all your upholstered pieces have to be in the same fabric, you can have the 2 chairs upholstered in a contrasting fabric that is plain or patterned, depending on how much pattern is already in the room. Additionally, you can incorporate a large ottoman or smaller circular ottoman for additional seating.






Select a luxury plain fabric for the sofa and then add accent or occasional chairs or even upholstered ottomans, just in case you need extra seating when guests pop around. When they're not in use, the ottomans can be tucked away.



Many people choose this option as it allows them to splurge on a couple of designer accent chairs that really make the room pop. - 23292123060181504/



2 Sofas + 2 Chairs

The perfect arrangement for conversation, but also for watching the television, a larger living room should have plenty of space if you want to have 2 sofas + 2 chairs and still have plenty of room to move around. If you want the focus to be more on conversation and less of the television, placing 2 sofas opposite each other with 2 chairs at one end will keep the conversation flowing around and across the room.



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1 Sectional + 1 Chair

Most sectional sofas take up a large chunk of space in a living room but they are not that conducive to conversation. With everyone sitting in a row you end up bobbing backwards and forwards to talk to someone. One way to overcome this is to add a chair to the dynamics of the space. - 5066618312511506/



1 Sectional + 2 Chairs

If conversation is more the focus in a living room where family and friends gather together you may want to look at adding 2 chairs to the arrangement. The chairs can be placed along one side or at the opposite end of the sectional to open the flow and allow for movement around the room. Any additional seating can be met with one or two ottoman cubes placed conveniently for just in case.



Dual-purpose seating always comes in handy when additional guests arrive. This can be an ottoman cube or an upholstered bench. - 177047829079731214/





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