Decorate a home with a touch of traditional and a dash of modern

These days, when it comes to decor and style for a home, it seems that anything goes. Where eclectic was previously not considered as mainstream now, top international designers are combining old and new to create eclectic interiors that bring together a mix of traditional and modern in new, very pleasing ways.

An old barn is vamped into a beautiful home that brings together classic elegance, traditional comfort and modern convenience. Original brick walls are whitewashed to enhance the natural light that flows through the living room.

Wingback chairs and reproduction furniture frame a beautiful Persian carpet that separates the living area in the open plan living and dining space. But more than a few modern and contemporary pieces make an appearance.



The white painted original beam ceiling rises above the entire space and visually enhances the already impressive height. High, narrow louvred window panels and matching cabinetry in a light grey add to the illusion.

A reclaimed wood dining table takes centre stage and is flanked by more traditionally-styled dining chairs. A reproduction grandmother clock stands 'watch' over the setting.

Combining traditional with modern is a way of decorating a home outside the box to create a personal spaces that shows individuality and a desire for something different from the norm. The balancing act in achieving a successful combination of traditional and modern is to first establish a dominant style - a style that you personally enjoy - and then throw in a few surprises with smaller pieces or accessories.