Open plan living - A one-room lifestyle

Open plan living doesn't have to mean a single room without any divisions - this open plan home has clearly defined living spaces.


These homeowners originally designed an entirely open living space. Over time, they simply couldn't adjust to the life without any privacy and decided to look at bringing back certain elements that would divide the space into almost separate living spaces without adding walls.

The apartment receives plenty of natural light via walls of glass doors opening onto balconies, and it was important to maintain this flow of light throughout the open plan area. For this reason walls were not added, as these would instantly block off the flow of light and movement.

Ceiling beams were added to the open plan living area to provide more definition to the individual zones within the space. The addition of columns also aid in breaking up with open plan areas without interfering with the flow of light from zone to zone. These columns help to not only define the zones but also add a feeling of privacy within each zone.

In the main area, the living room, kitchen and dining room, as well as a space dedicated to a home office, continue as an open plan area in a single space, allowing views of the outdoors.

The kitchen is open-plan onto the living and dining areas, but is given the feeling of a separate space with the placement of countertops and cabinets to close off the kitchen area. From the kitchen it is possible to see throughout the open living areas.

It was necessary to extend the kitchen cabinets out into the living space, but this now helps to define the almost eat-in dining area.

Since working from home requires some form of office space, a comfortable place to work was set up against a wall in the living room. The modular design and finish of the furniture in this zone is tied in with the rest of the room allowing its function to blend in.



The apartment only has one bedroom, but there is ample space for a large bed and plenty of storage space is incorporated along one side of the bedroom.

With its small footprint, the bathroom is situated just off the bedroom. To save on space, in the bathroom the shower, vanity and toilet are divided into cubicles along one wall. The original floor plan had the bathroom intruding into the bedroom but this was modified with the addition of a partition that now offers privacy in the bathroom.

The main feature in this modern bathroom is the floating sink with its large storage area at the bottom. Plenty of accent and down lights illuminate the room for all activities. The shower cubicle has a glass front and features a combination of white subway and wood-look tiles to give the space a natural feel.