Home DIY Décor Made Easy

Does your home need a little TLC or is it in need of a splash of creativity and colour?



Does your home need a little TLC? Is it in need of a splash of creativity and colour? Yes? But, you can’t afford a decorator? No worries! We offer some easy home DIY Décor tips to get you on your way to a super stylish house.



#1 Kids Corner

Every little girl loves ribbons and lace, so make a simple ribbon curtain. All you need to do is:

Choose a variety of ribbons in different hues and patterns, the wider the better. Make sure they are a right length for the window area. Buy a wooden rod to fit the window width. Once the rod is fitted, tie the ribbons on in a simple necktie knot, alternating hues and patterns for an effective fancy curtain. Your kids will love this DIY Decor!



#2 Hang It

Find a wall space for those photos you have been dying to hang up. Buy a few bulldog clips, large size, and some double-sided picture hanging strips. Measure up the space from ceiling to floor to ensure the photos will be evenly placed. Stick some tape onto the clip, pop it into the desired position on the wall, and clip your photo on. Keep going till you have filled up your wall space. Walla! A display home DIY photo wall in minutes!






#3 Light It Up

You don’t need to go out and buy fancy lamp shades to make a ceiling area pop. A little electric DIY can see you creating these pendant lights and lighting up a once dark and dingy space.

First, you may need to get a handyman to jimmy the light area in the ceiling, to accommodate a few light wires, unless you fancy yourself a super DIY guru. Once you have chosen your variety of bulbs, start hanging them up and watch how your room will come alive! This home DIY décor idea will wow your neighbours for sure!



#4 A Stool for You

Don’t throw away that old stool no one sits on! Grab a pot plant and pop it on. Find a dead space in your lounge or kitchen and fill it with you newly created pot plant stand. And, a step further would be to find a wider stool and create a little family of pot plants. Another home décor idea in literally seconds!



#5 Ladder Up

Running out of space to hang those pashminas and scarfs, or perhaps you need a place for your towels? A simple wooden ladder can do the trick and become a real focal point if you get the hanging just right. Imagine those chilly nights in front of the tellie? Well, simply pull a throw off your ladder and cuddle up!



#6 Driftwood Delights

If you live near the beach, take advantage of the natural beauty of driftwood. A few nails and you can have a home DIY décor frame or a wall shelf. Bring the feel and uniqueness of the ocean into your home with some simple driftwood DIY décor items.