How to Dress a Sofa

When buying furniture for your home, a neutral sofa allows you the freedom to use affordable accessories to style the sofa in so many different ways.


When you're in the market for a new sofa, consider buying one in a neutral colour that offers clean lines and modern styling. Today's sofas come in a range of neutral hues; from grey to cream, and while these can be a bit boring if left unstyled, with just a bit of creative styling you can transform your living room from blah to beautiful - without too much expense.

Take a look at how a grey sofa was styled in five different ways, using a selection of decorative pillows in sold colours, luxurious textures and assorted patterns.

A neutral sofa provides the perfect blank canvas for decorative cushions, and you can choose colourful cushions in a single colour, or be bold and combine colours for a trendy statement. Want to try something different? Use contrasting colours such as red and blue - or navy and blush pink on the sofa above - to introduce an eye-catching arrangement.

Keep in mind that choosing cushions for your sofa isn't just about slapping on a couple of colourful cushions - it's about creating an inviting backdrop with cushions of different size, whether in a single colour, mixed colours, and bringing in pattern and texture.



If you prefer to set out an arrangement of interesting patterns, select large and small patterns to ensure that you stick to scale and have a balanced look. And don't be afraid to introduce texture with cushions. A single cushion with a luxurious texture adds to the mix and can be seen both above and below. Textures can include faux fur, knitted or crochet cushions, or dimensional fabrics with

You can also use decorative cushions to adjust the mood of a room. For example, use warm colours for the winter season and cool colours for summer. You would be surprised at how changing the colours each season can actually warm up or cool down a room.