Shelves that make a statement

Shelves don't necessarily have to be used as a place to store things, you can also design and make your own shelves as a knock-out feature for walls in a home.


Walls are the ideal place to mount storage shelves and you can make the most of walls to design and install creative shelving units that fit the space and also create a statement feature.

Even on a tight budget, you can buy basic track shelving that you can buy at Builders Warehouse and use this to add to the style of your home. It's also easy to give basic shelving a makeover with a can or two of spray paint. Use bold colours or metallic accents to add a sophisticated touch to your wall display. - 258957047307396962/ - 364650901058326529/

If you have a family member or friend who is handy at welding, it's quick and easy to make up a shelf unit using square tube in thin, medium or wide designs. Once you have the basic steel frame, buy some laminated pine shelving or PAR pine planks that you can stain to match your existing room decor and... voila - an instant shelf unit that can be styled with some of your favourite accessories. - 44262008818285407/

Built-in or freestanding shelf units are a simple do-it-yourself project for the DIY enthusiast with even basic skills. You can buy 16mm SupaWood at any Builders Warehouse and can have it cut to the exact sizes you need to make your own built-in or freestanding cabinets. - 449867450276158617/

Make your shelf unit to fit into an alcove, to stand both sides of a fireplace, or to frame a feature wall. What's nice about using SupaWood to make your shelf units is that it is easy to paint in your choice of colour, allowing you to match built cabinets to your existing colour palette. - 374572894003191837/

If you decide to take the DIY route and build your own shelf units or display cabinets, it is worthwhile investing in a paint spraying system. The Bosch PFS 2000 provides a professional finish to all your painted projects and no one will know that you made your own! - 413627547018877133/ - 253820128973649571/

As an alternative to adding a backing board to your shelf unit or display cupboard, paint the wall behind the unit in a colour that complements your room decor. Not only will this let the units stand out, but it will also highlight items that you have on display. - 366339750911747058/ - 95420085842138978/

If you want to add even more interest to a wall shelf display, add wallpaper or tiles behind the shelving - or paint the wall in a bold colour - to create an eye-catching feature that allows the shelves to stand out even more. - 3025924734554253/ - 738097826408221998/

Let kitchen shelves shine as a statement feature by using materials that contrast against walls, whether painted or tiled. Plain wooden shelves can be used to add an element of warmth and texture to an all-white tiled kitchen. - 218283913175918656/ - 576108977316301262/

Think out of the box if you want to create a unique shelving feature that adds impact to a plain wall. You don't have to use conventional shelving materials. There are so many ways to use unexpected items as shelves. - 257479303679857318/



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