The Allure of Candles

Candles have been a part of our lives for centuries but have become an essential decorative element in our homes for many reasons.

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Used for centuries as a means of providing light and as illumination for celebrations, romance and rituals, candles have become an essential decorative element for our homes, not just for illumination, but also for setting the ambience and mood for an occasion, adding light to outdoor events such as weddings, and also as a way to bring pleasant aromas to our homes.







For many South Africans, candles provide a light in the dark when load shedding or power outages occur, and it has become normal for every household to have a few candles on standby for when the lights go out. But candles can instantly add warmth and light to any space and set the mood for relaxation.



We look at just a few ways you can use candles in your home and the benefits: - 340444053056986677/?nic_v1=1aG32Z19Csm86QgccYNvRu%2FfqsplTY8MXYfXIj0THgmWe5DwGP3IHDf2%2FZx6kYEdTI


Add Candles to your Decor

Every home should have a candle or two, whether it is tall, tapered candles, or short pillar candles. Candles are an easy and affordable way to dress up any room in the home and nowadays you can purchase candles in almost any size, shape and colour that will let you choose the perfect candles to add impact, interest or colour to a space.

Bathrooms are one room that candles can add something a little different to the mood. Give your bathroom a luxury feel with candles strategically placed around the bathtub, but you can use candles in other rooms as well.

Set the atmosphere for fine dining with metallic candle holders and slim, tapered candles, or keep it more casual with tall pillar candles in colours to match your table decor. Or if romance is the name of the game, there's nothing like a couple of candles on the dining table to enhance the mood.

Introduce romance to the bedroom with clusters of pillar candles to add just the right amount of light and add the perfect amount of ambience. Just remember to keep candles away from fabrics and furniture. While you may want to set the room on fire with a sensual mood, you don't want to set the house on fire. - 7107311899640277/?nic_v1=1aFfuEJjHYkg4wCJ9YlDfdSX530K7MrKAqWu9Agh9AILKElbyQKp3dO1AHK40emqcQ - 438538082463864584/?nic_v1=1a7JaJDiGPkZW9MitE7nPXxQmuOVbySKJvS557MsVKPZkzJzsgFu4pfmEpuSr89d9F


Aroma and Fragrance

Subtly scented candles have a way of bringing a wonderful fragrance to a room, and I like to keep one or two scented candles in the guest bedroom. That way, no matter when guests pop in to stay overnight, the room always smells fresh.

Nowadays, you can purchase candles with all types of scents, even candles that smell like baked goods, which is ideal if you are planning to put your home up for sale. Light up candles to give your home an aroma that will attract buyers and make sure they remember your property.



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Body, Mind and Soul

When you set the stage for relaxation, you are also taking care of your mental health, and that's good for body, mind and soul. A few scented candles in your bathroom or home gym will cloud out unwanted smells and fill the space with beneficial scents and aromas. Light up a few candles to provide the right atmosphere for meditation and for soothing your frazzled nerves and bringing about a sense of well-being. - 70298444168261419/?nic_v1=1anb9iPQk0qlYJADXNhP05oUJPC6KUKt44aPgLcBbmAhVrjjb%2FSlO5ndK55Cwqrx2q


Celebrations and Weddings

A wedding just isn't a wedding without candles. A beautiful table set with flickering candlelight, scented candles that fill the air with the joy of a wedding, and you can even give your guests a candle printed with all your wedding details as a gift of remembrance.

Whatever occasion you are celebrating, think candles to mark events such as Easter, Christmas, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more. - 521784306826334448/?nic_v1=1afKVT7K%2FmR2N4xliDYzKZ7of%2BlOcvXgyDdiPWDgK1GkusNv3%2BVWuJ7sU%2FX%2FTmK9N3



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