White with a Splash of Colour

Many people think cold and sterile when thinking of white interiors, but white can be warm and comfortable as well.






While many may think that white is boring and sterile, Five Star Realty team says that white living spaces are always chic if you choose the right accessories to dress up the room. Decorating with white allows you to work with a blank canvas that is clean and fresh, and one that works with any colour palette you can think of. And you will find plenty of colourful options for updating accessories at any home decor store.





Create a backdrop of white walls and trim, add some furniture with white cotton slipcovers - essential for a family home - and you instantly create the illusion of a larger space. No matter what your style of decorating, white can be dressed up or down to work with casual or traditional.





When decorating on a white backdrop, choose one or two bright accent colours to stand out. Take your colour cues from what's trendy at the moment, or look at what you already for colour inspiration.





Refreshing a white room is as easy as swapping out cushions and throws according to the seasons. Introduce cool colours for the summer months and warm shades when it's cold. A white backdrop allows you to make a big difference for little cost.





White is a colour that works well with any decorating style, and pairing white with natural wood adds an element of texture and warmth, even when styled with modern pieces. Light or dark wood floors and white walls showcase any furniture added to a room. It doesn't take much in the way of accessories to create a cosy atmosphere.












White has the power to bring a mismatched room together, so don't worry about placing a rustic dining set in a modern kitchen. In fact, make a statement and paint chairs in bright colours and add a few colourful accessories to shelves and countertops to really punch up the colour.





Any kitchen with white cabinets can easily be updated simply by adding a new countertop of installing a colourful backsplash. Bring in a few colourful accessories and you have a completely new look.





Modern white kitchen cabinets have a timeless appeal where a few accessories can be introduced to add warmth and colour and keep the space from feeling cold and sterile.





White tiles, shelves and cabinets are the perfect backdrop for a collection of colourful accents in this kitchen. While open shelving gives the cramped kitchen a more spacious feeling, do keep shelves organised to avoid the opposite effect.






You may think that white walls and light carpet can be bland, but add some bold accessories and you can easily create a sophisticated space. Layering accessories is an easy way to work with white and decorate a room with colourful or neutral accessories.





In a rental home where walls are generally painted in white, work with this to add your own personal touches here and there. You may not appreciate the all-white, stark look, but as you start injecting colour and texture you will soon realise that the landlord actually did you a favour!





One of the most redeeming elements of white walls and trim is the ability to paint and touch up without fuss and hassle. White is the most affordable paint colour you can buy and is always readily available on the shelf. No need to worry about colour swatches - just roll on a new coat of paint.





Give your home a fresh start and paint walls and trim in white, the see where your creativity takes you!