DIY: How to Make Your Student Room Feel Like Home

How to make your student room as comfy as possible to enable you to get the feel of home.


One of the best moments of life you would enjoy is the freedom of having your own comfy space, away from the intrusion of parents and siblings. Now you are in uni with your own room space and canvas with which you are free to decorate as you please. How can you make your student room as comfy as possible to enable you to get the feel of home? As soon as you gain admission into college or uni, you will have a handful of various tasks to accomplish both in your academics and your total well being. If you are not careful, you might find yourself battling with school tasks in your first year, leaving other aspects behind. Your social life will be paused, and worst still, your room will be a shadow of itself.

Let’s unleash some student room ideas you can execute on a budget to make your dorm room the home you envisioned.

Make your bed as cozy as possible.

This should be your first step as you seek simple DIY decor ideas for your dorm room. After a busy day in class, you will long to return to your room and hug your bed. Hence, you should add a bit of soft furnishings such as cushions, throws, and simple designs on your bed. You can find cheap blankets and pillows with lovely designs in most shops on the streets. Use a durable yet comfy duvet to grace it all up. In the end, you will have a bed you can look confidently to whenever you are tired from the stress of the day.

Add simple wall decor

Your wall is one of the most comfortable places to infuse designs that can quickly transform the look and feel of your room within minutes. Add a simple yet elegant wall gallery and work of art on the wall to enrich its look. You can even go crazy in your designs, provided it enhances the overall look of your dorm room. If you can’t paint, add wallpapers with intriguing designs to change the wall pattern.

Light up your room

Lights are excellent design tools for any student who wants to make the most of simple DIY ideas for a dorm room. It can help you put the finishing touches to an already furnished apartment. You can use fairy lights; they are affordable, versatile, and can be used in different styles and patterns. You can stick them around your mirror, furniture, and even your cooker. It adds to the glamour of your room.

However, if you spend a lot of time studying in the room and doing research for your assignment, you can use floor lamps to bring a homely touch to your room. Position it on your desk as you do research online and search for the best essay writing service on the internet. One good thing about floor lamps is that you wouldn’t have to strain your eyes to stare at your PC or read at night.


A student has a lot to remember, and imbibing a chalkboard in your DIY decor ideas is a great way to get creative. Whether you are writing exams, trying to meet up with essay deadlines, searching for the best essay review, or making notes, a chalkboard will come handy. You can find different online writing services reviews on the internet. Choose the best among them and use such service to your advantage, especially in your first year.

Use functional and beautiful storage spaces

Storage boxes can help you save a lot of space, especially if you don’t have a large room. One of the best student room decor ideas is to chip in some beautiful storage boxes under your bed and in most corners of your room. Ensure you get the ones that are fold-able as this would become handy when you need to move to another dorm or student room in your second year. Your tiny student wardrobe cannot accommodate all your clothing storage needs as you progress with your studies and become current with the latest fashion trend. More so, you will need a comfy and neatly looking bookshelf to keep your books and create your little library.

These are some simple DIY student room decor ideas and tricks you can apply on a budget and make your room feel like home.



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