Quick refresh for the holidays

If you have guests arriving over the holidays, you'll want your home to look fresh and welcoming, and we've got a few easy and inexpensive tips to help you.





Get a home ready for holiday guests doesn't have to cost a fortune, in fact you can give your home a refreshed look without spending too much. We've got some easy ideas to give your living spaces a fresh new look - on a budget!



Add Colour with Cushions

Probably one of the easiest ways to give your living spaces a splash of colour is to pile on the cushions. Even if you only add a couple of extra cushions to your sofa, you can arrange them to add comfort and colour to a room that is looking a bit bland. Shop for cushions that have different patterns and colours that complement your existing room decorating scheme.












give windows a wakeup with trendy blinds




Give Windows a Wakeup

Don't let windows bring down a room. The right window treatments can instantly give any room a wakeup call  and a brand new look without too much effort. Blinds are the perfect choice for difficult windows like a bay window, and for smaller windows that need light control and privacy.






The perfect window treatment will also protect your upholstered furniture from sun damage. With constant exposure to UV rays, upholstered furniture can fade and look blotchy. Adding a window treatment to block out direct sunlight will protect your furniture and extend the life.














Artistic Display

Adding a single piece of art of creating a wall gallery is a quick way to inject personality into a room, especially if the room lacks any focal point. Plus, you can also use art to incorporate colour into a plain or neutral room. In a neutral setting, choose artwork that has a colour or colours that you like and then incorporate a few carefully curated accessories to tie the colours together.






It's easy to create a focal point on a blank wall with just a few accessories that you may already have. Use seasonal decorations to add a festive touch to a living room for the holidays.






Add splashes of colour to a neutral room with colourful plain or patterned throws or scarves draped over the back of chairs, and accessories that brighten up the room.






Illuminate a Room

Mirrors can be used for more than adding a decorative touch to rooms, and they are the perfect solution for making any room feel brighter and visually larger. Mirrors are commonly used by interior designers to add style and sparkle to a room, especially when edged by a metallic frame.












A large mirror will not only bounce light around a room to make it feel brighter, but you can also use mirrors to create an eye-catching focal point in a room.






When shopping for a mirror for a particular room, shop for a frame that takes it cues from the style of decor, whether it is a simple wooden frame or an ornate carved frame. And keep in mind that you can have mirrors cut to any size or shape at glass and mirror suppliers and then make your own frame.



waiting on martha






Fresh Arrangement

Nothing could be easier and more effective than an arrangement of fresh flowers. And you don't have to buy expensive flowers from a florist to set up a colourful display. Your garden provides small branches, flowers and foliage that can be cut and arranged to make it look like a professional arrangement. Or buy one or two flowers from the florist to add to your arrangement.






Every home should have a least one vase for when you splurge on a bunch of flowers, or when hubby or friends buy you a bouquet for a special occasion. But these days you can pretty much use any container to display fresh flowers. Large drinking glasses, a chipped teapot, simply dress it up with a bit of ribbon or a coat of paint and it's good to go.




Follow these easy instructions to make your own arrangement of freshly cut foliage from the garden.







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