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Garden Greenery for Easy Festive Arrangement

Give your home instant holiday cheer with an arrangement of cut greenery from your garden.


Freshly cut twigs and small branches from the garden won't cost you anything and you can pop them in any container, adorned with a few Christmas decorations.






1. Cut and trim your branches to the desired length. Remove any foliage from the bottom of the stem as this will help keep the water fresh for longer. Make sure the branches are long enough to give some height at the top. Pop in a few branches to give your arrangement some volume.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you prefer, add a couple of colourful blossoms to incorporate some festive colour.

2. Start adding a few hanging ornaments onto the branches. We used a couple of pretty feathered birds.

3. Cut a piece of ribbon or thick twine and add a small selection of ornaments onto the ribbon or twine.

4. Tie the ribbon or twine around the container and put your arrangement on display.




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